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David Jilk
Singularity, Epistemology, Wilderness
Singularity, Epistemology, Wilderness

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The Term “Empathy” is Misleading and Mostly Superfluous
Apparently empathy is a hot topic these days, perhaps motivated by the release of Paul Bloom’s book Against Empathy: The Case for Rational Compassion . I have been exploring empathy a bit on my own account over the past couple of years in an attempt to unde...

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Testimony, Truth, and Convention
The philosophy of testimony examines the nature of knowledge as it relates to things people say (whether verbally or in print). Is information we receive through testimony knowledge? How do we know it is true? On what basis do we justify this? These questi...

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Rationality and Values
I realized recently that I use the term “rational” or “rationality” frequently without having ever defined it carefully. While contemplating that concern, I also noticed that the relationship between rationality and values is a crucial one that bears some a...

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An Epistemological Crisis
With regard to what ‘truthfulness’ is, perhaps nobody has ever been sufficiently truthful. Nietzsche The question “how do I know what is true?” has never seemed so difficult to answer: we are in the midst of an epistemological crisis. It is neither the firs...

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Purpose is a Hot Mess
Those who contemplate the means by which we determine our purpose often arrive at a description based on some sort of hierarchical structure. In this structure there is typically some final or ultimate purpose, from which we subsequently and consequently de...

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Decision Processes
When we are faced with a choice, how do we decide? We make many decisions passively or without apparent conscious effort. From a psychological viewpoint, we might assume that such decisions are made through some combination of: an expectation of pleasure or...

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The Constitutive Role of Risk in Entrepreneurship
In an earlier, somewhat inaccessible essay , we began to explore some of the rough outlines of what constitutes entrepreneurship. In particular we suggested that a novel, instrumental idea, along with the desire and action to see it realized, might be minim...

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Deconstructing Atheism
Though probably too much has been written on atheism and its various strains, I will nevertheless contribute to the fray, as a result of some recent concerns and insights I have had on the topic. Though I have long been a committed atheist, I have never bee...

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Phenomena of Freedom
What does it feel like to make a choice? Our answer should be organized by tense: what does it feel like to be faced with a choice; what does it feel like to be making a choice; and what does it feel like to have made a choice. Our focus will be on those as...

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The Facticity of Values
Some theories of ethics hold that there are moral facts, either existing independently or implied by other facts. While this may or may not be so, we can invert the analysis and note that there is a connection between our values and future facts. This is me...
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