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Lego fun!!!
The Lego Builder is a fun tool to help students design and share their lego creations. They can even post them on a Google Map and see other structures from around the world. The tutorial is a set of challenges to get them comfortable with the workings of the program and it has the added benefit of never leaving a piece on the ground for you to step on in the middle of the night. Here's my guide on how to build with Lego Builder.

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Great new feature!
The Suggested Edits is a really neat new feature in Google Docs. It's a much better student peer-editing tool allowing students to make the choice about an edit. Here's a quick tip sheet to introduce it to teachers or students. 

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Our design time at forums and workshops is designed similar to Genius Hour- what it looks like in a classroom!
These are the results of doing #geniushour  with my 10th grade English course over the spring semester. So much fun!
Coats Classroom Blog
Coats Classroom Blog

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A great "first look" of what will be possible!
New video about Google Classroom - Teacher and Student view.


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Nice resource!

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This has vexed me often.... Now a solution!

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Great info graphic! How might you use this with students?
The Internet In Real Time [Infographic]

You must go see this live-- one of the most creative uses of a real-time infographic I've seen in a long time! I love this kind of stuff! 

Go see it live right now:

The screencap I have below only shows 30 seconds but it will keep going and going as long as you're on the page! 

The creators of this infographic (that may not even be the name for it) basically took data from all over the place such as:

- Number of tweets in a day
- Number of hours of +YouTube watched every hour
- Number of +1's per day
- Number of Apple and +Android apps downloaded every day
- Etc...

And used that data to break down that data by second so that they could display it in real time. Really brilliant stuff. I almost feel like it's worthy of it's own blog post on #idea  

Anything about this surprise you?

HT +Irfan Ahmad and +Christine DeGraff for the find! 

#infographic   #stats   #gif  
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The NY Times has announced the winners in their student editorial contest! Some great models for writing argument!

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I'm not sure how long the FREE preview of this book will be available but it looks interesting! Would love to hear thoughts on the content!
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