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Taking the expensive out of compostable packaging.
Taking the expensive out of compostable packaging.

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China Recycles Everything Everywhere
China sidewalk waste bins I was in China last year for my son’s wedding. Got to see
some incredible sights, and was quite impressed with how much China recycles
and how. It is common to see people rummaging through trash bins to pull out
plastic everywhere....

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Compostable vs Biodegradable Products For Your Next Event
Can't seem to choose between compostable and biodegradable
products for an upcoming event? Whether it's an office party, company picnic,
birthday party, backyard summer barbeque with the neighbors, or any other group
event, you should remain conscious and a...

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Super Green Your Business
Zion Visitor Center When you have millions of visitors from around the world come to a concentrated space, you need to think Super Green! This was reinforced during a recent trip to one of my favorite National Parks, Zion in SW Utah. Zion is where you will ...

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Healthy Soils Hold Carbon The Right Way
4th Annual Western Slope Soil Health Conference Had a great time attending the 2014 Soil Health Conference in Delta, CO last week. I'm a semi retired organic grass farmer/rancher so the topics were very close to my heart. Speakers covered Green Cover Crops ...

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New Year’s Resolution: No More Petroleum Plastic – Switch to Compostables
Make 2014 the year you get petrol plastic out of your
business and switch to compostable products. Petroleum based plastics are just bad for the environment . No nice way around it. Did you know that the majority
of recycled plastic collected was sold and s...

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Viv evolving for everyone... especially you
Wow, a lot has happened with Viv.  Since the start of the year when it was just  Dinesh  and  me  working night and day... to the end of an amazing summer when the team had quadrupled and built a growing Viv community with increasing traction in San Fran.  ...

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Polylactic Acid and its Plastic Food Packaging Applications
Polylactic acid (also referred to as poly lactic acid, polylactide, or PLA) is a biopolymer made from renewable resources such as corn starch and cane sugar. It is biodegradable in a commercial composting environment and has a broad range of applications, i...

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Is Plastic Food Packaging Preventing our Local Businesses from Composting?
We recently had an interesting exchange with another member of a sustainability group. Kathy W. said: " Any hope for composting movie theater trash?  I have a client that generates a lot of trash at their multiple locations. We've got them recycling the car...

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Compostable Coffee Pods - Taking Out The Trash
The number of coffee pods or capsules thrown into landfills each day is staggering! Biome Bioplastics , a leading developer of natural plastics made from plants is trying to change that. Check out the video  to see a compostable coffee pod. In the US alone,...

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