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Sandy Hook Elementary School
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375 Fan Hill Rd Monroe, CT 06468
375 Fan Hill RoadUSConnecticutMonroe06468
Elementary School
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"My heartfelt condolences to the everyone affected by the terrible tragedy."
36 reviewers
"God bless all the victims and their families of the school tragedy."
63 reviewers
"The nations thoughts and prayers go to the families of the victims."
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Juicy Babe
a month ago
So those kids are gone but god habe them safe n sound the parent wish they can c there kids again (im so so sorry for there lost n i am srry for it :'-( :'-( :'-( :'-( :'-( :'-( :'-( :'-( :'-(. .
Gonzalo Munoz
a month ago
Amazing, absolutely amazing. Its a crying shame how easy it is to get over on the public...Wow...Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, yes sir..its a duck
Mickey Morrow's profile photo
Mickey Morrow
a month ago
Wake up America. All these posts on here; it's funny they mention "gun control." They are paid to post that.
Aniya Blackman
6 months ago
I. Hope this school is the best. And let all the evlie. Spirt. Say. Out
alshamar Carter
a month ago
its okay because people be shooting and i will like to go to that school i been in waterbury and we saw danbury and i saw sandy hook and on december 14 2012 we saw cops, kids, parents i thought something was wrong so i read what happan and Adam lanza killed 28 students 6 teachers and his mother he shot his self too ms soto save the children but she got shot im keep praying on sandy hook school
Trey Lacey's profile photo
Trey Lacey
3 months ago
lol hundreds of questions still remain unanswered no autopsy reports have been released if there are any .... if you get a chance check out the operations northwoods or op. mongoose this so called government is a giant sham.......
courtney jackson
a month ago
Its time to pray for the kids that go to sandy hook and that sad man he must've been hart to make everybody feel worse
Isacc Hernandez
a year ago
To all you conspiracy "theorists" This was a delicate matter. The shooter might have been paid but kids did die and why in hell do you want open caskets? Are you sick? Why do you want to see dead kids being taken out? Something wrong with you sick people. Stop watching youtube. They say that we are being abducted and mind controlled on YouTube too. Get a life and find whats wrong with your life before you call dead kids a hoax. If the government wanted to trully do something they will do it right. You will never know unless they wanted you to. You are not the special one who see everything by the "truth" you are the dumb one who believes in unicorns. Stop smoking crack.
• • •