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People talk about tragedy, god bless, thoughts and prayers, condolences and gun control
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Isacc Hernandez
reviewed 2 months ago
To all you conspiracy "theorists" This was a delicate matter. The shooter might have been paid but kids did die and why in hell do you want open caskets? Are you sick? Why do you want to see dead kids being taken out? Something wrong with you sick people. Stop watching youtube. They say that we are being abducted and mind controlled on YouTube too. Get a life and find whats wrong with your life before you call dead kids a hoax. If the government wanted to trully do something they will do it right. You will never know unless they wanted you to. You are not the special one who see everything by the "truth" you are the dumb one who believes in unicorns. Stop smoking crack.
• • •
Richard Ortega
reviewed a month ago
Hoax, Fake, scam, etc. Never happened. If you believe it you're a fool
Scott Longman's profile photo
Scott Longman
reviewed 3 months ago
HOAX. I refused to believe it was really faked until I spent about 20 hours studying every aspect of the 'shooting' and i can promise you this was a full-blown HOAX folks.
Xelaz Aughra's profile photo
Xelaz Aughra
reviewed 6 months ago
This whole thing has scam written all over it. Show me pictures of the dead kids. Why weren't the Triage tarps never used? Show me autopsy photos/report. Why did we not see a massive evacuation? Why has the school been demolished? They didnt demolish Virginia Tech... They didnt demolish Columbine... They didnt demolish the Colorado Theater... This was all for the money! Do the math! Millions of dollars given to the families! For what? A funeral? It doesnt cost very much to put a dead person in a hole but the fact is there were no dead people. Its all just words on paper and word of mouth. Its what the news media would want us to believe. Come on yall!
• • •
Steve Hampton
reviewed a year ago
Jesus, please save our country! When are we going to put prayers back in school? We the majority need to do this ASAP! Surround our schools with prayer not metal detectors! In one generation we will have better citizens! Please put Christ back in schools! It's not the guns that did this, it's our society brushing mental illness under the rug!! Aurora Co., Phoenix, Denver, Everyday in's us parents! God help us! And I'm not a very religious person, but today I prayed.......
• • •
John Buckwheat
reviewed a year ago
Sandy Hook is a Hoax. Stop worrying about the poor families of the deceased. No One Died. Bodies removed in the middle of the night. Families unable to see their own childrens remains. Gene Rosen is a FEMA agent. School will be demolished before anyone can see evidence that nothing actually happened. The government is corrupt and is taking steps one by one to remove each and every right that americans use to have. Always question Authority and NEVER trust the Government