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Google suggests that I 'might like': Barack Obama, Top Gear, Fox News. Hmm. I'm thinking they're just guessing. Though I would like to meet someone who likes both Barack Obama and Fox News.

In a similar vein, a 2011 poll indicated that 12% of those who had a positive opinion of the Tea Party movement also had a positive view of socialism. I want to meet those people too.

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George Will gets it wrong sometimes, and sometimes he gets it right. This one's the latter.

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#solareclipse2012 today. In Australia. 2:30 PM EST. Watch here:

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Romney's campaign spent quite a lot of effort on ORCA, their online vote-tracking webapp. It crashed and burned on election day. One could make an argument that this failure of technology might have tipped the election Obama's way. Or at least made the gap a lot smaller.

PROTIP for #RepublicanParty: Beta tests are a good idea.


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I rarely do a #MusicMonday, but this Gotye-made remix of Gotye cribbed from Youtube videos is pretty impressive.

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Raspbery Pi is on its way, w00t! (Well, if by 'I ordered it and it's still massively back-ordered' is on its way.)

Time to learn me some ARM assembler. :)

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For +Jared Davies and +William S. Frost especially. Beard beer!

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Time to flip physics the bird and get injured at (Tr)action Park, New Jersey. The comments are worth it. It's hard to believe a place like this exists.

- A narrative walkthrough of the travesty:
- The article that started all the reminiscence:
- Obit for Action Park:
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