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Fun & full of life
Fun & full of life

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Doesn't Rhyme, Very Fine!
Tired Crushed Trumped Rumpled, Rumpled, Rumpled Intended Pretended Defended Candid, Candid, Candid Loud Cloud Flout Aloud, Aloud, Aloud Screaming Beaming Teaming Creaming, Creaming, Creaming The Asshole The Whole The Hole Stole....... It didn't rhyme anymor...

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When Fiona Settled for the Wrong Guy....
Cleansed was my soul, My body felt whole, Was I ready again? No, not at all, Grow a pair (of balls!), He said in disdain. Laughter couldn't escape, Sorrow found no space, Reaching for the red cape, She found her own pace. Slowly, Steadily, Smoothly, She bat...

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Those Stupid Men who Want to Play Cricket with us - Your disrespectful egoistic asses aren't invited anymore
 While I am usually very decent in my posts, this time I shall stop at nothing. Yes, we play cricket and no, we are not new. Hamare saath kheloge toh moonh ki khaoge, sale kutte, behen ke laude. Agli baar ladki dekh ke nayi hai sochne se pehle 20-25 baar so...

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Bond Over Books!
When the same kind of
feeling is aroused between two or more people, they form a bond. Books so far
have known to form the best of bonds among people. Stories have come a long way
from cave walls to leaves to papers to books and finally, twitter. Yet, there...

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Those Synonymous Opposites....
Is it just a feeling or is it more? Dragging along, finally sore? Sticky, tired, dirty and bored, Yet, he surely had me floored. How does he do it, remains unknown, Seeds of pure hatred have been sown, Flew, Flow, Flown, Fly farther and away, Yet, my head w...

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Kobe! Just being Kobe :D 

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Looking the Other Way!
Hey you sad feeling, Let me work! Anger, empathy, excitement and happiness, All, let me work! The desire to sleep, The urge to party, The melancholy that forces thinking, The books that stare, Leave me alone with my work! Stifled Dreams, Modi Bhakts, Femini...

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There's pi in it!
Opinions without 3.14 are just onions. :P Apiece has a piece of pi in it and so does piece. Pilot without 3.14 is one of the lot. Pirate is the rate of 3.14. 3.14 or pi lies somewhere in the middle of capitalism. Depiction can't be complete without 3.14. He...
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