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A fiercely patriotic, unapologetically sassy voice for conservative women.

The mission of Future First Lady is to acquaint, familiarize, support, and provide a sense of pride of what it is to be a modern yet traditional conservative woman. She hopes to inspire women to look forward while keeping an eye on tradition.  She wants her reach and influence to encompass all ages of American women, but wants to pay particular attention to the next generation since the banner will be passed onto them in the not so distant future.

Her goal is to provide a safe and comfortable place to better understand and support those topics that most American women hold near and dear to their hearts: God, family, country, and other core principles of a true American.  At the same time, she wants to provide her followers a place to feel comfortable expressing the feelings and emotions that come with the very unique aspects of being an American woman.  These emotions include both the highs resulting from their successes and the lows that come from their disappointments.  These thoughts and emotions also include those whimsical thoughts and craziness that sometimes occupies their heads.  Future First Lady tries to make those special connections with other women and is intent on keeping her communications and expressions young, lively, stylish, classy, and just a bit sassy.

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A Brief Constitutional Refresher From Your Favorite Candidates! #WakeUpAmerica  
In case you were unaware (as some people seem to be), there is this lovely little document called the Constitution on which our country was founded and in which we (and our president) are to abide by.  Nowadays, some people are eager to throw out the Constitution or simply violate it altogether. Lucky
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