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Asking nicely :)
Beau is barking at me because I am not picking up the toy and play with him.... When he does this he barks in this really high pitch tone, which almost could shatter glass... He is so cute when he does his spoiled baby boy routine...
Nice teeth by the way... 
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Pretty boy, good puppy. Nice shep.
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Another great shot of my baby boy! 
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A request we know very well :)
Daddy what are you waiting for? 
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Beautiful shepherd
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Play date. 
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Am looking for German Shepherd puppy, live n Dallas, please help
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very beautiful German Shepherds, Muy ermosos
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Hanna relaxing after a fun afternoon playing fetch in our back yard! 
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Doggy Play Date
with Hanna, Beau, Samson and Quinn!
With +William Ney
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Samson has a very nice pool. No wonder Hanna likes him.
This is Samson, Hanna 's boyfriend! I took her on a walk today and she lead me straight to Samson' s house! 
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Thirty-nine German Shepherd Dogs removed from a Durham home
On February 9, the Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office removed thirty-nine German Shepherd Dogs from two homes in Durham, NY.

If you can donate just a few dollars to the shelter to help them manage 39 GSDs in need, please help.
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I just reshared this post for two reasons, once I get my paycheck today I will donate, and 2) I have a lot of followers so hopefully some of them will donate as well! Thank you for all you do +Total German Shepherd Dog List (TGSD-L)
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For Hasso, Jake, Marcus, Arko, Pax, Leo and all of your German Shepherd dogs
The purpose of this page is to present GSD related content. We invite you to post photos, stories, and questions about the breed.

We appreciate each and every one of you who circles us and we thank you for checking us out.

In general, we will add you to our circles if there's something in your profile that indicates your interest in the breed: you own a GSD, have owned one, would love to own one.

So . . .

When you have content which you want to share with TGSD-L and its followers, please  add +TotalGermanShepherdDogList specifically. That way, we're notified right away and can make sure your post appears on the page. If you would like your post to be searchable you'll also want to add the hashtag #totalgermanshepherdoglist.

What content are we looking for?
  • Photos of your GSDs
  • Stories about life with GSDs
  • Training questions
  • Health issues
  • Accomplishments you and your GSD have achieved
  • Assistive devices that have helped your ill or old GSD
  • Therapy work you may do with your GSD
  • etc

We support the FCI Zuchtordnung, the breeding requirements, for the German Shepherd dog. If you are a breeder and would like to post a litter we ask that you adhere to those requirements, that is, the parents have the necessary titles and show ratings and have been or are in the process of being breed surveyed.

We are not veterinarians, nutritionists, trainers, behaviorists. We are dog owners. We have shared our lives with six GSDs and know many, many more. We spend an inordinate amount of time just watching them interact with each other and with us. We read, we research, we talk with other GSD owners.

We hope to share what we've learned with you and ask that you share your knowledge with this group.

A little history:
TGSD-L, the e-mail list,  was started in 1997 by a small group of people committed to the well-being of the German Shepherd dog. Its members are trainers, breeders, rescuers, owners. Some of us compete in various dog sports, others participate in therapy dog programs, train service dogs, live with their dogs as companions. Most of us have never met but we've grown into a close community through our shared e-mails about living with GSDs.

We have recently founded the Total German Shepherd Dog Community as an adjunct to this page. It is a private community intended to support and encourage conversations which the members may not necessarily want to have in the public stream. 

About this Community
The TGSD Community is an adjunct to our TGSD-L G+ Page. It is interactive and its content is controlled by the Community members. At this point, we've chosen to start up as a private Community: Membership is by invitation or via a request-and-approval process. Posts and associated comments are visible only to Community members and Community posts cannot be shared to the stream. 

Content is expected to be GSD related. Other communities exist for general dog issues and posts. Content of a commercial nature is not desired. To be included in the TGSD Community you must have a G+ profile (no Blue Heads) and your About entry and photo pages should leave the reader with the impression that you have a general involvement with German Shepherd dogs.

This page and the Community are curated by +A. Andrews and the fabulous +Richard Ball.

We very much look forward to hearing from you!