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Rob Aubrey
God, my family and then everything else
God, my family and then everything else

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Attention Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers, Escrow, Appraisers, Inspectors... In other words the real estate industry.

I have created a community on Google+ called "Support for the Real Estate Industry" 

Simply click the ask to join button

Some of the things I am working on for this community is to bring in experts and interview them on Google Hangouts

The hang outs will broadcast live on YouTube and recorded for future viewing.

Some of the topics are

Real Estate Photography
Understanding Rental Properties
Credit and Credit Repair
Incorporating your business
Using a Self Directed IRAs to buy investment properties and lending
Listing Presentations
Listing Services 

Of course there will be all kinds of tech stuff

Stay tuned and invite your friends in the industry

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carnegie-tech (17 photos)
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For Hire

I want to be able to have stats for a single WP page and the results page needs to be public.

I prefer it be something like.

Subject page-
Stats page-

Looking for simple stats, # of views, by date ranges, daily, weekly, monthly and total. This I want in a vertical bar chart

I'd like a visitor reference stat, this I'd like in a pie chart.

I also want a visitor location in a pie chart too!

email me if you are interested

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Big favor, my 9 yr son is in a video of one of his football games.

He monitors his view stats every day and is trying surpass another video on views

I would really appreciate a click. He get's so excited when he sees a surge.


Brighton Bengals vs Cyprus Pirates Gremlins Football Game

Looking for a wordpress plugin that would allow me to see a post or a page in the editor as it will be displayed online based on the theme I am using

#wp #wordpress #word press #plugin

Is it me or is Google Voice being weird? I get slow response between hitting call to when I hear it ringing.

I often answer hit answer and no connection.

Just wondering if other folks are having issues.

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Eat your heart out guys.

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Richard Smith the CEO of Realogy (the parent company of Better Homes & Gardens, C21, Coldwell Banker, Sothebys, ERA and more) sent a letter to the Barack Obama for a housing Summit.

Realogy is about $5.5 Billion That's billion with a B in debt. I'm thinking two guys running debt ridden organizations should not be allowed near each other.

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+Robert Hahn What are you thoughts on Dodd Frank controlling seller financing?

The DFA definition of mortgage originator exempts an individual (or an estate or trust) that provides mortgage financing for no more than 3 properties in any 12 month period from the requirements of Title XIV, but only if the financing meets certain rules:
1. The seller did not construct the home.
2. The loan is fully amortizing (no balloon mortgages allowed).
3. The seller determines in good faith and documents that the buyer has a reasonable ability to repay the loan.
4. The loan has a fixed rate or is adjustable after 5 or more years, subject to reasonable annual and lifetime caps.
5. The loan meets other criteria set by the Federal Reserve Board.

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