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Rose Lunafyre
Witch, Wisewoman, Empath, Seeker of truth in the Spiritual Realm, Magick, Mystery, Occult
Witch, Wisewoman, Empath, Seeker of truth in the Spiritual Realm, Magick, Mystery, Occult


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Hi Everyone who's still here? I know it's been about 3 years I think? Lol But I'm finally going to go back to this blog that when it was first published so many wonderful people wrote to me about it.

Everyone was so nice that I feel guilty for not dealing with this tightly shut off compartmentalised part of my mind. I'm virtually dusting off cobwebs off my virtual compartment's box. But regarding my old dreadful machiavellian psychiatrist is now wide open. No more hiding from hidden shadows for me anymore.

Most people were asking me mainly to start blogging again? Sadly for quite awhile it was still too mentally painful to write about and still is. But don't worry "Dr. God", lol, has finally gotten his just rewards. See maybe Karma is really true I reckon and it's been a real "Biatch" to him!!

However finally about mid this week I will be publishing a long blog. Well I'll try not to make it too long. As well as a few goth, fantasy, occult and some artworks of my psyche that I may publish too. Maybe one of my own works but probably more likely others. If not this blog then the next one.

That's because I actually really sketch now with pencils, charcoal and Derwent pencils. Sometimes I actually draw from another power's/entity's mind. I'm sure many of you may know what I mean.

I'm also too critical of my own art to share it. Wish I'd been to Uni and did an Arts degree like my wonderful dear old friend. I think of all the wonderful times we've had over our entire lives but sadly geography and things can be such a problem living out here.

BTW I'm back to wearing all black all the time with occult symbols and corsets. Victorian era inspired sometimes too just like some of you appreciate SteamPunk gear. Did you ever finish your steampunk inspired riding project? I really hope that you did.

My next blog post still needs a lot of editing as my writing is often like "free floating consciousness from my own mind's memory store". Then I get carried away and write it like that.

However I realise that most people like a narrative. A story in chronological sequence which sometimes I forget to do.

Yes this is still very painful and P.T.S.D. is the gift (curse) sic that never stops giving and hurting does it! Like a post that was sent without my consent has caused me so much grief. But sadly I've been forced to close the Feathers compartment of my mind down.

I was given no choice but to throw the entire box away. I was given no choice! But part of all my old compartments remain in the recesses of my mind just like back in 1999.

But I'm happy to tell you all that I no longer have needed to see a psychiatrist anymore for over 2 years now. Yay!

Psychotherapy is so over-rated I found after really studying it now for nearly 3 years myself. I could do psychotherapy now because in the end a good psychotherapist teaches his patient how to be their own. That's the secret that they never ever tell you but it's true.

That's the goal of truly good psychotherapists that don't just want patients coming through the door to keep them in Armani suits. Lol

I just don't have the piece of paper needed to prove it. I've been to the University of Life like many middle aged people that have really lived. I certainly have learnt a lot. If I knew what I know now?

I wouldn't have married young. Then I could've studied Law like my parents wanted me too. What an idiot to pass up that opportunity! Maybe I could've gone to Cambridge too? Perhaps to dream. But then again I wouldn't have my dear children then would I.

I'm also writing this bit for an old dear friend to have a drink with. A man of superior intelligence, a high IQ, a great writer with wit too. I was approached years ago to write this for a book but my physical health and chronic pain was the problem that stopped me to be honest.

Now that's not quite as bad some days especially due to some natural therapy that I use now instead of opiate based pain killing drugs 24/7.

Anyway I hope that all is well for everyone wherever you! I hope that your happy and that both your feline friends are still there. I dedicate anything I write as well as the much long needed catharsis of my psyche to you.

I am finally finding my way to peace. I also no longer write paragraphs that go for a whole page. Lol

I also most of the time no longer feel the need to write sentences as long as paragraphs either. So thanks mate for teaching me the grammar that my so called "Expensive Catholic College" didn't do. God I hated that school so much!

I also need you to know that I knew nothing about a certain communication to you. It had nothing to do with me as I was told to make a choice? Then told after the event. Those were dark days and nights. I do hope you faired better?

Sometimes life gives us some really hard knocks my friends doesn't it!

Well I've almost written a kind of cryptic communication here this evening for some. Again I'm sorry that it's been so long and thanks to newer friends too following me on tumblr under Rose Lunafyre. Psychiatry Drugs and Sexual Abuse.

I've written quite a bit of a manifesto below to try and get men to stop being violent. So to all the great men out there please don't take offense! As its not meant for you good guys out there.

Yeah I know women are sometimes violent but they are mostly the exception to the rule. Also below are pictures some are so melancholically touching and great art truly that touches my dark spooky soul. Lol For those of you when believe we have one!

Here's to more regular blogging.

Blessings, take care & stay safe,

Rose Lunafyre.🌹🌙🔥

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Check this out? It certainly looks like the weirdest yet supernatural skeletal and body collections I have ever seen. He even has bones from creatures such as fairies, miniature dragon and perhaps a vampire.
You be the judge? If nothing else its really darn interesting yet quite macabre. Not for the faint hearted!
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Check out this Awesome Bungee jump ny BRM it really incredible!
This was way scarier than demon conjuring. But then again it has been almost 20 years since I dialed L for Legion. Look; I try to keep it light for a reason... I wish I could say that I fearlessly jumped without hesitation but that is not the case. My primal reflex was to turn away and not crack my skull open like a coconut in the rocky stream below. However, something took over and I made a leap of faith. The adrenaline rush was amazing and I will definitely be doing this again. Up next; Exorcism in Sydney, Australia....
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This is a great book and I highly recommend it to anyone who has interest in either the paranormal occult, demons, mind control, Montauk or really just to anyone who really likes a darn good read. BRM writes from his own incredible yet at times quite confronting and shocking experiences. Yet somehow he found the strength to start blogging about it and now he has written a book on all his bizarre experiences. Not for the faint hearted but for those who love either the horror or thriller genre will be more than happy with this book!
Check this book and video out! BRM's story and style of writing really "hooks" the reader in and I'm sure that you won't be able to put his book down.
Dark a Blessings to all.
Rose Lunafyre )O(
Expect the unexpected....join me!
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Hello there,
I've just added another blog post which was quite hard to do but never the less I did it. I've also changed the name of my blog as you will see below.
Warning Explicit Sexual Content and possible Triggers for anyone who is mentally unstable themselves.
Please feel free to add any comments that you would like to add about my blog! If you know any psychiatrist's or mental health professionals please send them a link to my blog as my main motivation for doing this is to educate people especially in the Mental Health area of what can happen behind closed doors even in hospital. When the staff are either non-caring or wouldn't ever want to report a Psychiatrist because of the Hierarchy they are working in. Trust me ignoring this sort of thing can damage people for the rest of their natural lives. I feel lucky because I am one of Life's Survivor's and always will be. However sadly they're are far too many victims out there of psychiatric abuse that never ever recover, Sad but true!
Have a Great Week!
Rose Lunafyre.
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After the second time my Psychiatrist sexually abused me I was
starting to question my sanity. I really wasn't sure when I woke up whether my
psychiatrist really was sexually abusing me? Or whether it was my subconscious
playing tricks with me? Or was it th...
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This is quite shocking and aired on our ABC Channel 2 here in Australia. Sadly I am far from being the only one and sadly it apparently is far too common in our hospitals here whether private or public there doesn't seem to be a difference. What a sad world we live in when people who are at their most vulnerable and mentally ill can't even trust their own treating Psychiatrist. I am appalled as I just came across this just now!
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Hello there,
Sorry its been such a long time since my last blog. I have finally decided to start blogging about the dreadful long term sexual abuse I suffered under the so called care of my then treating Psychiatrist. Its been a very painful for me to work through and I feel that I have now. That is why I feel strong enough about this to keep on telling my story in the hope that it will not only make future patients aware of what can happen to you when your so vulnerable. But also to hopefully educate those in the Mental Health field too from Psychiatrists to Counsellors.

I wasn't intending to keep going on this blog but thanks to a lovely American man that I've gotten to know recently whom has just released his first book said to me after I had told him quite a bit about this type of sexual & drug abuse that happened to me. Well he basically said "that I do have a story that needs to be told".
For me that was like a green light that just flicked on in my head and I decided not only to write another blog post but to continue doing so at least once a week or maybe even twice a week. I've held this story inside of me for so long with really only my later treating psychiatrist and my husband were the only people that I could trust enough with such a dreadful traumatic and explicit experience.

If any of you reading this are also mental health professionals? Please forward this to as many of your colleagues as you can? I've also been asked to talk to a number of mental health professionals about my experiences in the next month or so. Even though it is traumatic and at times embarrassing for me to confront such issues. I am willing to do so in public in the hope that it will educate other's to be aware of the warning signs of those people in their care that trust them with not only their inner self but their entire psyche.

If there are any other psychiatrists or psychologists who would like me to do some Public Speaking for other Mental Health Professionals to learn about these issues? I am more than happy to do so within reason. Depending on where you are of course? As I live in Australia. 

Being an advocate against Psychiatric sexual and drug abuse is something that I am passionate about and I want everyone concerned out there to be aware!! As without awareness it will never ever stop. As by no means am I the only one as I've found over the years through sharing with some other expatients that some of them, especially females have had either a one off similar experience of more. Now what does that say about Psychiatry? Its not very good is it. I realise that all decent ethical psychiatrist are more than aware of the issues of transference and countertransference. However it seems to me that there are far too many "bad apples" out there, who are taking advantage of sick people when they're in their going through the most vulnerable time of their lives. It really needs to stop and there needs to be far more public awareness of this issue. 

Also many thanks to the two psychiatrist's, the psychologist and the RN who offered to give me free mental support, especially the Psychiatrist from Russia. Thankyou all for your kindness and emails as they do mean a lot to me. I know some of you have since unsubscribed as I left this blog alone for far too long. But I will now be posting regularly at least once a week is my goal.

Have a great week everyone!


Rose Lunafyre )O(
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Sexual Abuse! I am not a professional but my blog is about my very unethical psychiatrist who sexually abused me using psychoactive drugs as both and inpatient and an outpatient. This Psychiatrist has since been struck off but has yet to get "real justice"! So for legal reasons I have to use a pseudonym. My wonderful psychiatrist over the last few years has been helping me to heal and suggested I write this blog. My first entry is quite long & then I stopped writing it because it is so painful yet cathartic. However I have decided to continue writing again as there is so much more to it and believe me it gets far worse than I have written so far. I hope you don't mind me joining however I want to tell other psychiatrists and mental health professionals what to look out for if they suspect someone is being a used like I was and to raise awareness so this doesn't happen to others. Sadly nobody was there to look out for me and I am damaged for life. Thank you for reading this and please refer your colleagues to my blog. I would appreciate any comments or advice. Regards Rose Luna
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