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Stari Gunarathne
Living Life For A Purpose
Living Life For A Purpose

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Letting Go Of Control
I started this post four days ago, but haven't managed finish it in one go. But today, I am determined to at least tell you something. A momentous event has occurred. I actually told the doctors that I have got to the point where I will just allow things to...

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Human Being or Human Doing?
I had a meltdown yesterday; not surprising I guess. I hadn't slept properly the night before, when I was moved back into the bay, and I was plagued with horrific nightmares and people obliterating and overstepping my boundaries that I had put in place to he...

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Visiting Info Update
Hi all, Just to let you know, I'm in the bexley wing st James, level 5 ward 94 and the phone number is 0113 2069194. Visiting hours are very flexible, but it is easier for me to have visits between afternoon/early evening hours of the day. I do really want ...

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Thank you so much for your love and support. It's got to the point where I get very exhausted seeing visitors and it's really unpredictable on the day for me to make plans. Tuesdays will be the day where I won't have any visitors. The best thing to do is if...

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The Next Step
I think it's time for an update. My health is deteriorating much quicker than I first expected and so I was admitted into on thursday evening. To be honest, going by the way I was feeling then, I'm not convinced I'm going to make it into 2014. My gut feelin...

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The Bucket
People have often asked me if I have made a bucket list. But, to be honest, I haven't given it too much thought. But, in fairness, over the last year, I have managed to inadvertently complete a bucket list. I learned to knit, crotchet, start to learn to pla...

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Why Should I Wait For True Love?
Because I'm not dead yet. This post, potentially will turn out to be one of the most open, honest and explosive pieces of writing to date. Anyone who has two brain cells that they can rub together has an opinion on this topic regardless of their beliefs or ...

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To Live Or Not To Live? That Is The Question
Part of the end of life care process involves making decisions regarding if you want to be resuscitated or "brought back to life" in the event that your heart stops working. This particular form is called a DNACPR, which stands for Do Not Attempt Cardio Pul...

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Heart Thoughts
It would seem that technology has beaten me once again. I have made three attempts to upload a video blog, all with futile results. I wanted to do a video blog because it is getting to the point where typing is becoming more of an issue due to my not so gre...

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Going Home
My dear friends, for that is what you have become to me as you've walked theses last 11 months with me. This is day 114 post transplant it is probably the most coherent one I have written over the last four weeks of this hospital admission. Please allow me ...
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