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Thats just cool, Pedro ;-)

Take a look folks ...

Then, judge it by yourself. I guess you'll like it, as well as I did !?

I think its hilarious ...

Great Saturday to ya'll here at G+ - from the Crazy Dane himself ;-)

I've haven't been online inhere for a while - due the illness of my wife.
I had a lot of things to get done - and, I still haven't finished, the job yet ...
It irritates me !

I rather sit down watch a good Dokumentary film, read a great book, or Magazines about the WW I & II, and all other historical articles.
I get a great Magazine every third week :
Illustrated History Magazine ...
It's cool - I had bought it since no. 1 and, I have the all Magazines there are made.


Last week I found a 9 DVD Box Set, in a Second Hand Shop, nearby where I live !

"WW II in Colour" - 8 DVD's, plus a bonus DVD :
"The last days of Hitler" !
Only at DVD no. 1 the seal was broken. It means that the rest, never had been used before ...

But the best was the price :
50 Danish Kroner - it's around 7 $ for a DVD Box Set with 9 DVD's.

Brand new ! Thats was just marvelous, really cheap !

Looked at Pricerunner -
Cheapest price :
559.- Danish Kroner - I saved 509.- DK Kr. ;-)
Its almost 100.- $ Waoo man, 100.- Bucks !

YEAH - don't know what to say ...
Its a lot for a poor retired person who only have a small pension to get the wheels turning around !

All the best from Denmark ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Great wishes for ya'll - may you're weekend be good.
Take care for youselves, and your families as well ...

See ya suddenly inhere, my friends ...

Those who know about the illness of my wife, wich are the reason why I don't have that much time to get "online" 😔

Thanks for your understanding folk's ...

Best regards
you're Crazy Danish friend .

I will bury you once and for all, you're a monster - you're built to fall
This are the truth !

All the best from Denmark 
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If you love Cthulhu, shout "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"!
Tjek @DorsetghostDGI's tweet:

Scary Demon caught on tape.
It's just scared the Hell out of me.
Quite good capture I'll say so ...
Well done ;-)

All best from Denmark ☆ ★ ☆
See ya later friend's

Had a lot to do, after almost two week's of illness, in our Home ...

Starting to feel better, but get tired after short time of work. Needs a lot of break off - so good I have the time to do it !
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Cool ;-)
I like it ...
All best from Denmark, and Paranormal addicted too !
Add a comment...
Shared post !
It's written in Danish !
Jeg er til leje! Vil du hjælpe mig videre? :)
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Cool 💏💏💏
Great Sunday my friend's.

All are still the same here !
I'm still busy. Due my wife's illness,
She ain't getting better.
Still the same, as the day she came back home from the Hospital. It's more than two months ago now !
Time running faster when you're older - Weird. Ain't I right ?!
It should be a Fact !
Have read it somewhere, in a magazine or a Newspaper ...

I've still got to do anything at our household ect. !
Can't get any help at all ;-(
Only if we got divorced. Then my wife can get help for the household ect.
But, who do shopping for her.
None !
Then she must pay for the community Service Food central.
Expensive, but bad food !
It's crazy. It costs 'em three times as much money - then giving us the help, that we asked for in the first place !

Feel sometimes like a unpaid nurse/housekeeper !
But, I do it for my wife's sake - still love her. It's not a switch you just can turn off ...
Ain't I right ?!
I'll do anything for her ♥♥♥

So, keep that in mind - I don't check out this social network each day !
I see some who added me - they deleted me when I checked all out.
Hilarious ;-)
Thank's a lot ...

Great Sunday to my rEAL friend's inhere at G+


All best from the crazy Dane, over here, at the other side of the pond ;-D

P. S :

Got my point - By my notification.
Thought it was awesome ;-) LOL

( well it's Sunday. The Holy Bible say so that we may NOT work on Sunday's ! )
That's a fact ... Not a lie !

See ya suddenly again.
I'll try to be online, inhere more than I've been for a while ...

Thank you my friend's ;-D

Hi my friend's.
Now my wife came home from the Hospital yesterday - Later at the same day, a guy came with a machine that turns the air so it's cleaned up so she now get oxygene ;-)
She had asked for it for the last five months.
But, the wouldn't give her one - she must stop smoking now as long the machine is turned on.
But, great to have her back home again.
All best from the crazy Dane ☆ ★ ☆
Have a great day everyone !!!
See ya later ...
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Good to hear that your wife is back home. I was also not many online on google+. I'll get also sicker my back is such a pain and my heart isn't working good. But we have social security if you ave to be in the hospital or something. They pay a bit if you have less money which i have. I need a test for my heart because i can get an attack any minute but i can't pay.Thanks to that stupid gouverment here. The prime minister Mark Rutte has no wife and is still living with his parents. Me and much more people are looking to get away from this country. And yesterday there was a progamm on tv about Danmark. I can understand the language a little when they speak not to fast. And about Jantés law. Which has much thiings in it who works here too..And about the viking culture i like the country. And i think i speak the language very soon.  Wish you and your wife all the best. 

Greetz from the wicked witch of east Netherland.
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Drones are really exist - just see this :

Just sayin' .....
Muse - Drones (2015)


  "Drones" (рус. Дроны) — седьмой студийный альбом британской рок-группы Muse, дата выхода 8 июня 2015 года. Музыканты заявили, что "Drones", в отличие от альбом 2012 года "The 2nd Law", стал более тяжелым и мощным. Первый сингл с альбома, "Dead Inside", был выпущен 23 марта 2015 года. Релиз спродюсирован совместно с Робертом Джоном Лангом (Robert John “Mutt” Lange), который ранее работал над пластинками AC/DC, Maroon 5, Брайана Адамса и Nickelback. Над обложкой и оформлением новой пластинки Muse работал известный художник Мэтт Махурин, ранее сотрудничавший с Мэрлином Мэнсоном, Ramones, Оззи Озборном и другими.
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Muse have been playing together since the mid of the '90th - they made their first album in 1999.
Its a couple of year's ago - so, call them "talents" are a little bit outrageous, if I should say so ...
But, yes its a COOL Band.
I'll agree with you about that ;-)
Have a great day, my friend.
Do you have it fine, and are healthy ?!
I hope you have ;-)

All the best from your old friend Fladmast.

I'm also quite busy, due the illness of my wife 😔

But, I do love her.
So, doing it with pleasure ...

Take care for yourself, and your's, my old friend ✌ 👌 👍

So long, my dear ...

Look closely at the map in this notice...

Palestine before WW II -
Then the poor Zionist's should have a country, because Mr. A. Hitler tried to get rid of the Jew's.

I'm not a rasist but the way the Israeli people treat the Palestinians are disgraceful - then they will not lean from the WW II !
Just like it was when Jesus was born. Then the Roman Empire did held oil on the fireplace.
It's been burning ever since ...

Shame on Obama. He hasn't got the BALL's to say anything but crap - due it's the Jewish people in the US who get the whell turning around in the States !
Simply ...

But, it's the truth !
What have the world become to ...
It's boils over soon.
Then it's Armageddon. We better call Bruce Willis ;-D
No it's not funny. This are facts ;-(
I understand why it's gone that far. DO YOU ?!
Carl Thomas's profile photoHenrik Nørgaard Christensen's profile photo
Same here in Denmark !
We always just follow the US opinions.
How awesome ;-/
Then it's not our foul, when it comes that far !
At last - day off !

Finished all the thing's, that I had to get fixed today ...

Got up very early this morning - 6.00 AM - as usual every Monday.
Got a cup of coffee, or two, with my lovely wife, got dressed up, and went out to my scooter, drove up to chemistry collected my wife and, my own medicine for this week !

After that I thought my new phone, now was camed into my operator's shop, downtown.
No - but the Manager now send a SMS when it's came in !
Should be Wednesday or at least Thursday.
I'm waiting because I don't want the phone in White color.
I'll wait for the Black - a white phone gets faster scratch, dirty so you'll have to clean it all the time.
Or, it should have a Flip Box for protection.
But, it can overheating the phone, and result in expensive repairs !
Ain't much funny ;-(

After this I went to the local community Service Center - there I delivered a request for my wife and, I that we don't have to shift to digital post from all public Services !
It's starting up November 1'st - but, due my wife's illness - I have to do all the household, and we have been denied help, for washing clothes and, clean up the floors - once a month and, once a week !

But, if we're getting divorced, moving into her own apartment. Then she'll get all the help she need - but, then it becomes very expensive for the food - delivered by the Old Folk's Home's huge kitchen.
They deliver once a week.
But, how about come out - that's her own problem !

I'm so angry ...
We're not asking for much help.
But, no !

Rather offer much more - so we can get divorced.
I their eyes it's must be the best solution ...
The may thinking with another part of their body !
Their Arse's ;-D LMFAO
At last I shopped some groceries ect. on my way home, for amount two and a half hour's ago !

But, I'm so sorry I haven't been able to get the time to check out my post inhere for a while ...

I wish I had more time to be online - but, with all these social networks it can take hours of your time.

Time that I don't have :-(
Sorry to say - but that's the way it is ...

Thank's friend's !
The true ones know I had a hard time, due the illness of my wife ...

All best from Denmark and, the crazy Dane, himself ;-D

I hope to be able to use a little time for you folk's inhere also !

Have a great Monday, Ladie's and, Gentlemen ...

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Sending much love to you and your wife. Have missed you.
Ha ha ha ;-)
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