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Gio Siemens (jeebjeeb)
Nail polish fanatic, obsessive crocheter and compulsive tea drinker
Nail polish fanatic, obsessive crocheter and compulsive tea drinker

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Aliquid Lacquer - Puppy Love - Swatch & Art
Hey all, I have something very special for you today! A brand new limited edition polish for a cause. Aliquid Lacquer - Puppy Love What's really cool about this polish is that it benefits man's best friend. Puppy Love retails for $11 (full size bottles only...

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Firecracker Lacquer - Parrot Procession
Hey all, Hope your last weekend of summer was great! I was a bit of a lazy bum but I tried something new! Lucas and I made Macaroni n' Cheese from scratch for the first time and oh... my... god... There will be many, many more. It was amazing! Even the cat ...

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I Love Nail Polish - Purple Plasma
Hey all, I've got an absolute stunner for you today! Brace yourself for... I Love Nail Polish - Purple Plasma Purple Plasma is a gorgeous "electric" purple holographic polish full of red and gold sparkle. This is two coats.  No matter the lighting, it's bea...

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KBShimmer - Peak My Interest
Hey all, When I was younger I read a lot of ghost stories and horror novels. Anyone remember Goosebumps? :) They were so much fun. After I grew out of those I graduated to Stephen King novels. The master! Stephen King has a special place in my heart because...

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Strawberry Swirl
Hey all, The other day I was looking through my stash and found a polish I totally forgot I had! Isn't that terrible? It utterly escaped my memory! Like, crap! How long have I had it for? When did that happen? o.O Does that ever happen to you? I really try ...

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Pink and Purple Dragon in the Clouds
  Hey all, Welcome to the start of another glorious weekend! woot woot. I wish I could take better advantage of Friday nights. But once I get home I'm more of a zombie than any other night.  By 10 my eyes are glazed and my attention span is gone. If I do en...

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Let's Get Tropical
Hey all, I need to get into a better posting groove. I have so many awesome summer manis just waiting for their day in the sun. But all I want to do when I get home is work on friendship bracelets. My art is tearing me apart!!!!! And I wouldn't have it any ...

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One Month Ago...
Hey all, One month ago I was on my houseboat vacation. And I haven't yet shown you what I decided to wear that week. I've been putting it off. If I don't post that mani maybe it means the vacation never ended. Wrong! So without further ado, my holiday compa...

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Model City Polish - Licker
Hey all, I liked my last mani so much I wanted to do it all over again! This time featuring Model City Polish - Licker and some chevrons.  sunlight Licker is a beautiful coral polish full of itty bitty red flecks. And the flecks really glow in th...

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Congrats Nina!! Those are two major accomplishments!! :D
Great manicure. Elegant and classy with just enough attitude.
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