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Is it weird to put creatine in your coffee before a workout?  I"m about to try it.  :)

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Sounds awful...

Hi folks, 
I'm trying to move my boot partition onto a new disk and partition with no luck.  The purpose of all of this is to do some LUN reorg and to be able to drop some uneeded vmdk's after the reorg.  After restart of the machine I am left at the grub prompt.  I've scoured the forums and such and have not found what I'm looking for.
VMware 5x

I'm essentially trying to move /boot from /dev/sda1 to /dev/sdc2.  The part that seems to be failing is telling linux where to look at startup to find files it needs.


online chat support wth century link is AWESOME.   Excellent support, timely, friendly, thorough, helpful and just on it.  Answered all of my questions, many of them before I got around to asking them.  Its as if they were reading my mind.

Hi Apex folks!  I recently upgraded from 4.1 to the latest 4.2 build (  All went well except I no longer see the edit links on the pages when I run them from the admin/developer tools.  I've checked and application properties are configured to show them.  The research I've done shows that folks using SSO or LDAP authentication are experiencing this same behavior.  Any of you experiencing this and have a solution?

Oracle, RHEL5, embedded pl/sql gateway, LDAP authentication with AD


How I fixed it:

My beloved Keurig k-cup coffee maker started leaking (internally) like no other. 5 minute call with customer care and a new one should be arriving in 3-5 days! That's what I call service!

I'll be presenting at the eMeter conference (a Siemens company) this June in San Francisco! Ill be talking about custom reporting we've done via Oracle Apex.

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I'm not going to lie - went to rasta pasta for first time after living here 6 years...and it was AWESOME!

Crossfit instructor: life is like a ten speed bicycle, some of us have gears we never use.

I've come to realize I have never used most of those gears! 

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I would have crashed within the first 10 seconds. 
Paseo por un carril bici de Chile, de hecho podría ser perfectamente el carril bici de Palma de Mallorca si no fuera por la ausencia de coches cruzándose. XD

Verdad +David Mateos

Pa'berse matao neng!
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