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Some new people and some old, the NEW SCIFI Circle already had 421 people! Link here

AMAZING!!!! Thanks so much all of the people who participated in this project. Why am I so excited???? They are new people to get your Geek on! Woot!!!

Unexpected bonus really! Add and reshare to support my SF circles - Pretty please with a cherry on top?

I will reshare my normal SF top Circle over the weekend - but here's a special treat for you great people in my circles - I'm calling this SF2 - Don't worry if you're not in it, this is for people who got added recently or some other top secret algorithm to increase my circles to 99 raised to 99 !!!!

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thanks for popping me in there +Peter Edenist ! I'm meeting some great people through this circle
ok -- if you still have room -- SiFi is an interest field of mine too, even have written a few such stories
you can add me in here as well ;)
Very welcome +David Bee - glad that it has achieved something for you :) It is my attempt to build some nice SF groups if I can. 
Added you +Micha Fire ! There is no barrier to entry! I don't check your pass - you say you want in, I add you :)
Thanks. I was wondering where all these followers were coming from :)
+Peter Bailey they are wonderful people :) Add the circle and I promise you, you will not regret it!
I've reached my limit on people adding actually :P
No I've reached my total limit.. Think it's about 4500 followers
I can add people one by one but not circles of people. Maybe the circle adding limit is 4500
I just uncircled a few hundred inactive users and added this circle :)
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