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^Sharing the Dr.Who Circle*

Weekend Special!!!

For all people who like Dr.Who and wish to join, just comment for an add-in. All the people here have asked for an inclusion! 

*Will notify the circle separately but please reshare this post!* 

Have a wonderful weekend and *DECOMPRESS, DECOMPRESS, DECOMPRESS!!! (Said in the voice of a Dalek).

+Fans of Every Thing Doctor Who !!!
+Doctor Who +Doctor Who 

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Oh I shall have to share to you both my Gallifrey circles.
Thank you for inviting me to your circle
I have accepted
Again thank you all
Now lets enjoy some posting

New discussion
Who for the 12th Doctor?
+Jake Kern Ah, I only shared them to +Peter Edenist because I have shared both circles in the past month. Let me know if you need me to share them to you too - or search through my posts.
Thanks +Stephanie Van Pelt ! got both the circles :)) Would love it if you could ask them if they want in, since I notify people, my circles are opt-in. I am trying to add the circles as separate circles for my own use, but notifying them might not work :P
Yep, yep. Gotcha lol maybe a new page for that gang of people grins... anyway thanks muchly!
so... Whovians or The Whovians is not being used as a group/brand page yet on G+. Should we rectify this?
do you see my profile pic?!  of course i want to join this circle!! or at least be affiliated with it
Oh, yes please. Please add me. :D
Tom. Baker.  K-9.  Sarah Jane.  May Elisabeth Sladen be remembered.
“Anybody remotely interesting is mad, in some way or another.”
I'll have to add all of you to my mega Whocle. about 950 strong, though I expect there to be at least 100 repeats here. Will be sharing that one soon :) (if you search "whocle" you'll find my older share" - I think I'm the only one that's used that word to describe a dr who circle :)
Mary C.
Finally... a Dr. Who circle! ((adds))
I'd like to post a heartfelt hiya! from a fan of fiction! :)
I'm a big Dr Who fan. Add me please?
Please include me! Don't want to miss any action!
I would love to join! If that is possible, that is?
Added you +John R. Wilson ! Would be great if Karen and Rachel confirm (since I notify people from time to time and wouldn't want them to get upset) . Thank you :)
Thanks! I'm a big fan, but with this, probably going to meet more people like me!
Ooh ooh, me too! I am a fan of doctor who
Just added this to my existing Dr Who circle.  It is now over 400 Whovians strong.
Sweet +Geoff Dennehy :) I have over 800 people in various Dr. who circles .. if you want more, let me know :)
I'm still trying to get "caught up" with the "new" Dr's.  I grew up on Tom Baker and then watched all of the first 3 as well...Jon Pertwee still my second favorite.  After the series stopped life moved on but I never got back into it when it was revived.  That was, until my oldest daughter started watching it.  Once I heard the theme song again I couldn't NOT watch.
I think I will pass. I am sensitive to the noise level. Thank you for
the opportunity.
If you who be ever so kind as to add me to this round of lovers of The Doctor and his plethora of traveling companions. 
David Tennant: Best Doctor EVER!
+Andy Semler - you're in - can you share this post with your circle please? Due to some past experiences, it is better for people to request to be in the circle, since I notify once in a while (usually a fortnight for each circle I share). Some people get upset. My policy is now for people to ask for inclusion.
Added you +Sush Rose - will wait for others you mentioned to ask for inclusion, (see my comment to Andy above).
Yes I have a couple doctor who circles as well. I shall share them. :-)
Please add me to the Who circle. It's where I belong. ;-)
add me if you haven't.
FYI I'm pretty sure that you have to reshare the circle once you have added everybody. Otherwise it wont have the updated people in it.
Added +Nathaniel Mosher - Yes I will share (every fortnight). I have over 30 SF and Science related circles which I share over a 14 -20 day cycle. The Weekends are reserved for special circles.
I thought I had commented early - but I had not.  

Please add me.
am in this circle? if not, please add? thanks!
I just bought a Fez, my GF is threatening to disown me.
I would love to be added
+Peter Edenist Youve been sucked into my Doctor Who ...Vortex. Even Daleks cant escape. Mwhuaau Mwhuuaaa...
I just got started, but i'd love to join. 
Greg S.
Wait, this is not the current Doctor Who circle, is it?  I thought the current one was like 50-60 people bigger.
Greg S.
I just pinged the person who I just saw reshare it :)
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