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Smiling more often than not

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This would be a fair deal for everyone. I heartily recommend it.

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What is more useful in knowing the Creator? Scientific knowledge or biblical knowledge?
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I've never been a member of a political party before, but now is the time. An open, optimistic and tolerant Britain sounds good to me; it's something I want to work for.

I've been thinking about truth, what happens when you ignore the evidence, and how reality can sometimes bite you back.

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Praying is good, praying with purpose is better, but praying with Father's purpose is best of all! The Jebez prayer.

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There are giants attacking the church. But here's the thing...we barely notice them and even if we do we rarely understand them or know what to do about them. -

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If you haven't tried it yet - you should. It's great!

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Talk together about practical ways you might spend more time in the gospels. They focus on Jesus and they'll help you do the same. What could you do individually? Even better, what could you do together?

A discussion point from JDMC -

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It's time to have some clarity about mission. Are we going to continue to draw people to what we are and what we do, or will we recognise that we have been called to go? What does good news look like to the people around us? What is it that people truly need from life?

To a hungry person, food is pretty good news - so feed the hungry.
To a lonely person, a hearing ear is good news - so take time to listen.
To the overworked, peace is good news - so bless them with calmness.

Look around you, take time to find out what makes people tick, and treat them appropriately. Show them that they are loved and introduce them to your friend, Jesus. Don't lecture them or 'evangelise' them or pressure them. Get alongside them and tell them good stories - everyone likes a good story.

Tell people the stories that Jesus told, tell them how he related to people in his own life, tell them what he's done for you and for others. Learn these stories so that you don't have to read them, but can simply relate them in your own words. The particular words and phrases don't matter, it's the ideas that count.

Say, for example, 'There was a wedding in a nearby village; Jesus' mother was invited and so were Jesus and his closest followers. His mother noticed the wine had run out and whispered to her son, 'They've run out of wine; they'll be so embarrassed'. Jesus said, 'I'm not ready to do anything dramatic'.

But she told the servants to do whatever he told them, and he said they should fill up the water jars. When they were full, Jesus told them to take some and serve it to the MC. He tasted it and told the bridegroom, 'Wow, this is the best wine so far - you saved it for last! People usually serve the best first because after a few glasses nobody will notice a drop in quality'.

People who know nothing about Jesus will feel they know him a little better after hearing something like that. It might be a good story for parties, or for a wine salesman or for a wine connoisseur! Don't try to teach people, but encourage them to tell you what they think about it. Have an ordinary conversation with them. #JDMCguide #TheForgottenWays #Missional #Church #GoodNews
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