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Definite bookmark. We're all in the business of selling, and therefore, converting. Via +Buffer 

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Definite bookmark. We're all in the business of selling, and therefore, converting.

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Thought you guys might enjoy this post from +HubSpot  —I'm always interested in the psychology behind our craft :)

Hi all, just wanted to say hello—just joined the group. I'm the lead Copywriter for ProFlowers and look forward to contributing.

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Lots of really useful tools in here for anyone in digital marketing. Some are for social, SEO, analytics, web development, content strategy, etc.


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I write my best stuff when I'm focused—headphones on, instrumental music, warm cup of coffee and no distractions.

I thought others might relate, so I wrote my personal favorite productivity tips as I went throughout my week. Here's what I found worked best for me:

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Lots of interesting, quick tips here. 

"The trick with writing a marketing copy, whether it is short or long, is to make sure you are answering objections. People will always have concerns about buying your product or service. If you can find out what they are, you can write a copy that addresses those objections."

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35 Things Every WordPress Blogger Should Do

1) Use social share buttons that display the share count
2) Use headlines and use them properly
3) Socialize all of your new posts and use a social sharing schedule
4) Always be testing
5) Always be learning
6) Always be optimizing
7) Ask your readers what they want from you
8) Merge posts and comments that are too similar
9) Promote your latest blog post in your email signature
10) List related content below post
11) Interlink your content
12) Build a mailing list
13) Host your blog on your own domain name
14) Use a responsive website design
15) Use Google Authorship
16) Track & annotate everything
17) Promote your personal brand
18) Optimize each title with keyword research
19) Write custom meta descriptions for every post
20) Use tags and display them on your posts
21) Make good use of your thank you pages
22) Put forth effort to make your website load as fast as possible
23) Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
24) Use the best WordPress Plugins
25) Use productivity hacks
26) Make sure your site is up to snuff
27) Ensure Google has no issues with your website
28) Make sure your site’s Google results are as intended
29) Learn HTML & CSS, jQuery and maybe even some PHP
30) Publish new content consistently
31) Get your blog listed in Alltop
32) Respond to every comment
33) Give stuff away
34) Keep your content focused
35) Keep it concise & easy to digest

Read the full post here:

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Some really interesting articles from +HubSpot , +OkDork , +Fast Company and more, all focused on copywriting and marketing. Thought you guys would enjoy as much as I did!

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Lots of good tips in this infographic.
How to Promote Your Blog Content to Get 1,000 Social Media Shares
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Do you want to promote your blog post to more readers? Are you wondering how to get your blog content shared all over the social media?

Creating quality content is important but it's more important to make sure your content gets seen.

The folks at +Canva and +razorsocial have created this infographic loaded with tools and tips that will help you achieve 1,000 social shares for your every blog post.

Some key takeaways

Create a compelling title
Make it easy to share
Optimize your blog for Google and social media
Use Twitter cards, Open graph data and Rich Pins

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