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The guy who gave a gun to a person who told him that he wanted it to rob/shoot college students got Time Served, plus 3 years of supervised release.  He served a year and a half for willingly helping a terrorist perform an act of terrorism on American Soil.
Anyone else think that U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf needs to vacate the bench after such a decision? 
The lawyers and attorneys agreed that 18 months was sufficient for such a crime against The United States of America.
Meanwhile, they often seek 22 years for DUI drivers and Cannabis growers...
Our 'justice' system is in dire need of a severe flush and complete overhaul.

It's not so much a war on Christians, Muslims, Jews....wtfever... It's more of a war on fake ass bitches that use religion to justify taking advantage.

Deliberate ignorance and reckless disregard for the truth has no place in the government of The United States of America.
What is that Mr./Ms. Judge? You need my $50 because Cannabis is a deadly and dangerous substance that has no medicinal use...?
Fuck you... I need your chair to be vacated, immediately.
What's that Mr./Ms. Attorney? You are filing a lawsuit against my business for growing a plant that is deadly and dangerous and has no medicinal use?
Fuck you... I need you to cut your license to practice law in the United States of America in half, immediately.

False Claims Act (31 USC §§3729-3733) ... false claims may include “knowingly submitting false or fraudulent claims to the government for payment or making or using a false record or statement in connection with the submission of such claims”. In addition to willful and intentional acts of fraud, individuals and organizations can be penalized for submitting or causing the submission of claims in deliberate ignorance or reckless disregard for the truth.

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Consider the Tables turned Officer...Now, Police yourselves...or we might decide to start treating you the way that many of you like to treat us.

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Brian Prewett commented on a video on YouTube.
Time for a department wide Drug Test.

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Why/how is this such a 'secret' that it needs to be erased from public view?  Was it all just a big misunderstanding that led to the slaying of 9 bikers by local and federal agents?  Seems to me that the story had some fairly large scale implications for some very wealthy/powerful people.

The president tells the DEA to stop messing with Marijuana... they continue to bust the businesses of American spite of the fact that they have many other things to do...
The president tells the Border Patrol to stop messing with illegal immigrants who cross our borders...They completely stop in spite of the fact that their only purpose is to mess with illegal immigrants who cross our borders...

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Since when are Legal Citizens of Mexico allowed to run for public office in The United States of America?  NO ONE WORKS FOR FREE...WHO IS PAYING THEM?  Think about it... He's going to school to be a lawyer..that's not cheap...He NEEDS money...Is the Mexican Government financing him?... Wouldn't that qualify as an 'Act of War' ?

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But how does it handle snow and ice?  Tire blowouts?  Tire blowouts on snow and ice?

Americans are free people.  We are not Ruled by the law.  It is the Balance of the Law that we respect.  For this reason 3 branches were created to monitor and regulate each other... keeping Balance, Peace, and Prosperity for ALL citizens.
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