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But how does it handle snow and ice?  Tire blowouts?  Tire blowouts on snow and ice?
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Brian Prewett

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National Guard = IN-HOME GUARD... not OFF-SHORE GUARD.  Why not send Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine troops?  
CIA seems like it would be the best choice for counter-intelligence/ interrogation specialists in a job that is out of the United States of America.

'The 223rd Military Intelligence Battalion includes interpreters, translators as well as counter-intelligence and interrogation specialists.' ... How are Counter-Intelligence / Interrogation Specialists the best choice to help fight against a deadly and dangerous infectious disease?  

Are they supposed to track down the source...or just to track the infectious disease back home?
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) â€" A unit of the California Army National Guard has been ordered to mobilize for possible deployment to West Africa to support U.S. and international efforts to fight the deadly Ebola virus. The Army says all Guard soldiers and reservists will undergo a 21-day "controlled monitoring period" to ensure they are healthy and have not contracted Ebola.
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Brian Prewett

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If Louis Pasture was taught by modern medical practices...Sterilize Everything...Wash your hands 10,000 times... He never would have thought to turn that dirty Garbage into Penicillin.
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Brian Prewett

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It is time to Stop Practicing and Get Real.
Every year Doctors write more than 870,000 prescriptions to Kids for Codeine alone. 8% die from fatal overdoses of the shit (That is just Codeine), there are over 100,000 different prescriptions to pick from.
I can purchase over 24,000 different types online.
According to the FDA statistics.... 1.7 Million people under the age of 18 were prescribed with this drug in 2011...
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true that
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Brian Prewett

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"Today we are faced with what may be the single greatest drug safety catastrophe in the history of this country or the history of the world… In my opinion, the FDA has let the American people down, and sadly, betrayed a public trust." --David J. Graham, M.D., M.P.H., Associate Director of Drug Safety for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), on November 18, 2004.

The dangers of prescriptions drugs are often far worse then their benefits in the long term, for most of us.
Sure your arthritis doesn't ache; but is it worth a heart attack?  Diabetees? A stroke?

Doctors, to often, greatly downplay the side effects; telling us things like, "That is a potential complication, however, it is extremely rare for that to happen."  

What do they gain by telling us this?  
Surely, at least some people would realize that they are slowly being eaten away from the inside by a cleverly crafted 'medicine'!
The truth is, there are those among us that actually need these 'poorly crafted' drugs; whether it is in the case of a permanent injury, disease, or sometimes even from the side effects of previous 'poorly crafted' drugs.
By getting more patients to take them, they are better able to further their studies on the effects, and side effects, as well as, the potential causes for those effects and side effects.  Ask yourself this, "In the 100 years that prescriptions drugs have been around, have they made a single one that has only minor side effects; or better yet, no side effects at all?" I have not seen any pharmaceutical 'wonder drug' that comes with no side effects, and only a few that come with 'tolerable' side effects, that are not fatal in the long run.

Doctors keep their client base happy, by showing them new 'wonder drugs' that somehow prove that the doctor and the pharmaceutical industry are 'making progress' on curing truly dangerous conditions.  It takes a lot of money to perform as much research as is required to 'pass' a new pill through the system, this money comes from those who accept unnecessary prescriptions.  And some of us liked to be the test rat, even though the pharmaceutical industry does its' best to 'remove pleasurable effects' from their drugs, to combat addiction and other downsides of their medication.

What happens to a pharmaceutical drug after it passes through the body?  The leftovers that the body cannot process, are purged from it through sweat, saliva, tears, strange secretions, and most often, go straight down the toilet.  Most of us live in cities that have a central sewage system; but, some of us live in old, or remote areas where a septic system is used.  These 'left-overs' are devoured by the bacterias and microbes in the septic system, transported through the ground, and occasionally make it into our water system, especially the petrolium based formulas.  Ya, they even make medicine out of petrolium oil.  These 'secondary after-effects' are not studied by the pharmaceutical industry.  They care not, the elusive cause only serves to drive up visitations to their drug dealers, doctors; netting them even more business in the long run.  Don't fool yourself; corporations are ran by a panel of people.  These people have nearly complete immunity from any wrongdoing that the corporation does under their supervision.  The panel, way to often, is only concerned with the profit margin of the corporation.  It is just business, and that is how business works on the large scale.

A man started a corporation to begin selling 'purified salt water' in fancy vials.  He called it a 'cure for cancer' and began pitching his sales catch at doctors around the country.  Soon, this turned into a huge demand for his product!  This was wonderful for him.  He now had several millions of dollars in both his bank account, and the basement safe of his 4 million dollar mansion that sat on a 200 acre patch of the some most beautiful land in Montana.  Always in the back of his mind was the knowledge that evenutally someone will catch on.  To thwart this danger, he formed a corporation; and then sold the corporation, and it's successful 'wonder drug' to a small group of individuals who would be the panel of the corporation.  Being awesome at business, he worked into the contract that he be held as an 'advisor', and be paid several million per year for his 'duties', plus 2% of the sales.  Years later, no one had caught on!!  Things were going so great; he was making millions without harming anyone!  It was only water after all.  

But, the burden of conscience was exponentially increasing with the passing time.  In the back of his mind, he knew that the people who were buying his 'wonder drug' were doing so instead of buying other pharmaceutical drugs that are specifically made to combat cancer, and it was killing people in a backwards kind of way; HE was killing people in a backwards kind of way.  He used his role as 'advisor' for the corporation to perform a study; to quiet this growing discomfort in the back of his mind.  Thinking that the study will prove the drug to be ineffective, and it will be removed from the market.  Thus, ending the cries of the murderous killing streak that was growing louder in the back of his mind with each passing day.  He had only done it for the money, and he now had more than enough for 100 lifetimes, after all.

When the results of the study returned, he was outright shocked!  The study showed a staggering success rate!  How could this be!  It is only water!  There is no 'wonder drug' component in it, he thought to himself!  Surely, something was amiss.  Suspecting that the panel had 'influenced' the results of the study, he formed an independant research team of his own.  Purchased a huge facility for his research team to use as a lab, pouring 10's of millions into it to provide the very best equipment available.  He knew he was doing the right thing, but always the discomfort in the back of his mind was there; growing louder and louder, despite his best efforts to make things right.

Again he was shocked when the results of the first study showed a staggering success rate for his 'wonder drug'!  After firing all the researchers, he hired a new team.  This time personally making sure that every one of them was of the highest integrity.  He paid them so generously that no one could possibly bribe them into falsifying the results of their research, just to be sure.

"WHAT? Test it again." He angrily told the researchers, when their results showed the 'wonder drug' to be the most effective cure for cancer on the market.  The lead researcher, a chemist of biblical proportions, grew suspicious.  Knowing that something was not right, the man had just been told that his 'wonder drug' was making viable headway in the fight against cancer, and he was angry about it!?  Who does that?  After testing the ingredients of the 'wonder drug' he was baffled.  There must be something he missed; there has to be!  He tested it over, and over, and over. How could it just be water!?

Meanwhile, the results of the study that he had the corporation's research team perform were published.  The sales of the 'wonder drug' had now grown into ridiculous proportions.  As his bank account swelled, he struggled to donate the proceeds to hospitals, extended care facilities, treatment facilities, and anywhere else that he thought might appease the growing drums in the back of his mind.  All for nothing.  The beat of the drum only increased, nearly driving him mad.  He had to do something more.

With several billion in his accounts, he began a new study.  This time instead of cancer, the research tested the 'wonder drugs' effectiveness on various other commonly fatal conditions.  This time, he was there in the lab.  This time he watched like a hungry wolf.  This time, he would catch whoever it is that is obviously taking the bribes of the pharmaceutical corporation to falsify the studies.

He nearly blew a gasket when the results, again, showed staggering success.  He had seen it with his own eyes.  The 'wonder drug' did, in fact, work better than anything on the market.  The drums had since grown into crashes of nearly unbearable thunder.  Surely, he had doomed the whole world for his damned profit margins and the pharmaceutical corporations must be loving it, he thought to himself.

In reality, the pharmaceutical corporations were struggling to keep up with his 'wonder drug', their own products were shown to be vastly dangerous and highly ineffective; in study, after study.  They must glean the secret of this 'wonder drug' if they had any hopes of staying in business.

The day the door of his mansion was kicked open by an army of armed law enforcement agents, was a day of great relief for him.
"Finally, it is over." he thought.  The courts vilified him as a predator who preyed upon the dying and the weak.  The media painted him as the most dangerous of criminals.  He fully agreed with them; the unbearable thunder had at last grown silent.  He hired no lawyer, and put up no fight in court.  Fully confessing to the horrible scheme that he had created; winning him many enemies from the corporation that he had sold.  It didn't matter to him, he knew the media and the courts had it right 100%.  The thunder was silent.

He turned to the Bible, while in prison.  
Realizing that God must have a plan, surely he deserved this.  
Knowing in his heart and mind that this must be his earthly punishment.
He accepted it willingly.
Until, the guards alerted him that he had a visitor.  
A former employee, the chemist from his private research facility.
The chemist had come with a proposition to recreate the drug, under a different name this time.
"Who cares.  It isn't about any of that.  IT WORKS!", the chemist argued, "I found out it was only water years ago.  IT WORKS.  And I know why."  

Figuring that the corporation was selling water in the disguise of a cancer curing wonder drug, he had few reservations about taking advantage of them.  The chemist had funneled off several million from the research facility to build his own private research lab in the basement of his small home.  He had stumbled upon the biggest medical finding in 100 years.  It wasn't so much that the 'water cure' worked; but more that the powerful pharmaceutical drugs and absurdly dangerous treatments, did not.  In fact, they only accellerated the damage, causing the need for more powerful pharmaceuticals and absurdly dangerous treatments; creating a perpetual cycle of flawless population control, job creation, and profit.

The thunder returned 1000 fold as he sat in his cell, powerless to do anything about it.  He soon suffered a heart attack and was taken to a minimum security facility for his rehabilitation and recovery.  The chemist paid him a visit one afternoon.  Telling him of the great success that his new 'wonder drug' was having in nearly all facets of the medical world.  This time, it wasn't just water.  A tiny bit of silver was added in a particular way to the water; giving the patient's body a powerful boost to aid it in fixing its' own damage.  It was flawless.  "You are looking at things wrong.  You need to get a lawyer.  You need to get out of this place.", the chemist pleaded.  He reluctantly agreed to let the chemist hire him the best lawyer in the country to file for a re-trial on his behalf.

Not long after the visit, he suffered a stroke which left him partially paralyzed.  
"Surely this is God's way of telling me that I am going the wrong way.", he told the media, "I deserve this for all the deaths that could have been prevented, if I had never even considered the foolish scheme.  It all seemed like it would be harmless.  It was just water.  I did not consider that it would be taken instead of true pharmaceutical medications.  I saw only the big dollar sign."

The lawyer really was the best.  In light of the heart attack, and stroke; the charges were all dropped, his prison sentence was recinded, and much of his former property was returned to him; immunity from future charges in the matter was given in exchange for his testimony against the owners of the corporation that he had created and worked for as an 'advisor'.  
"God has clearly punished him far more than the law ever could.", The lawyer cleverly stated in his closing arguments.

The panel, now wealthy beyond belief; fought tooth and nail, to the bitter end of the trials.  They hired teams of the most expensive corporate lawyers in the world.  They claimed that they had no idea that it was only water; that they merely saw the results of the studies and were only trying to do their part in the fight against cancer.  They claimed that it was not their fault that they were given faulty information; that it was not their fault for believing what they were told by their research staff.  After all, they were just businessmen.  What do they know about medicine.  They claimed that the doctors and patients liked their product, and the numbers fit; it seemed to them that it was simply a good business deal all the way around.  

The pharmaceutical corporations saw their chance to destroy their competition, and took it.  Studies were initiated that showed the 'wonder drug' to be vastly ineffective; by using terminal patients, who were given the 'wonder drug' vs. patients that didn't even have cancer, who were small doses of the pharmaceutical corporations' finest and most expensive drugs.  

Making it painfully easy for the lawyer to show beyond a doubt that the owners were in it for the money, nothing more, that they did not believe in their own 'wonder drug' as a cure for anything other than poverty.  Especially after the media, with the help of the pharmaceutical corporations, caught wind of one of the panel having cancer himself; he didn't use his own 'wonder drug' that he claimed to be so effective.  The panel was crucified; if the death sentence would have been possible, they would have received it.  Many well-known doctors were indicted and charged by the hundreds.  Many well-liked doctors were indicted and charged by the hundreds, across the country; around the world.

The predatory scandal had rocked the foundations of the medical community.  Doctors were now in short supply, many fearing to even prescribe anything, without extensive proof of its' effectiveness; seemingly for the first time, the medical community began realizing that they could be held personally accountable for poor professional decisions.  This was not what the pharmaceutical corporations had planned.  This is not how it was supposed to play out.  

Teams of lobbyists were sent to Washington D.C., and the capitols of every government in the world.  Media corporations were set up around the globe to influence public opinion.  New research facilities were established to flood the world with studies showing how necessary the pharmaceuticals were to the health and happiness of the public.  Armed with trillions and trillions of dollars, they proceeded to 'fix' the catastrophic problem that threatened the well being of the largest industry in the entire world.

Meanwhile, the chemist had quietly marketed his product.  Very few people are alergic to silver, and that was its' only drawback.  As minor as the alergic reacions were, he still chose to create a third, more expensive, form of the 'wonder drug', this time using a rare earth element in quantities so small they had to be measured on a molecular level, using an overly complex system that required hundreds of high paid workers to complete the manufacturing process.

People around the globe had stopped taking their medications.  Many sprang back to health.  But for the majority, the shock of sudden withdrawl, or the damage their bodies had already sustained, was to great; they withered and began dying by the thousands.

Insurance companies went out of business by the millions.  As banks began to falter, the stock markets began to rise and fall erratically.  Riots broke out, civil wars were on the horizon.  The increased rate of deaths and hospitalizations spured the public health officials, and the FDA to take actions.  They urged the public to listen to their doctors and take thier advice for their medical treatments.  Laws were passed to grant doctors immunity from prosecution, so they would no longer fear the reprecussions of being wrong.  Laws were passed to grant this immunity to pharmaceutical corporations and their owners, so that they would not fear creating 'the wrong drug' in the battle to create their perfect cures for all the troubles of mankind.  Laws were created to view corporations as living beings, citizens, with all the rights that a human has.  Laws were passed to allow chemicals into the food supplies that were thought to be to dangerous for them to be widespread, in the past.  The future is now, and what a future it will be.

With the industry back in the green; this time to stay.  Now if a corporation was found guilty of something, they could simply disband it; then start a new one.  The world was at their feet, addictive chemicals began to pop up in the new medications.  New nutritional suppliments, adatives, and fillers were quietly added to the recipes of nearly every form of food supply.  The industry was not just back in business, it was back in style.

There was now so many different chemicals and interactions that no one could possibly figure out the industries dark secret.  Deadly side effects were now conferred onto things like: lack of exercise, to much sugar, improper nutrition, and poor hygene; rather than being attributed to their medications and strange chemicals.

The public grew more content as things returned to normal.  With the industry raking in trillions every month, it was not many years before it controlled the vast majority of the wealth.  Still, the majority of people around the world were happy with paying 3 lifetimes worth of work, for a few more doses of the addictive drugs that they again believed to be effective.  New insurance corporations were formed to pay the families of those whom the pharmaceuticals consumed for their loss, in an effort to keep the cycle going forever.  The plan to control the world was definitely a total success.

--Brian Prewett
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Brian Prewett

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I think we should empty our prisons on the next country that decides it wants to go to war.  Give each violent offender $2,000 and a one way plane ticket.  To show them what fun war can be for the truly psychotic.  Being sure to post lots of video cameras in the area, Reality television at its' finest!
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Brian Prewett

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Americans are free people.  We are not Ruled by the law.  It is the Balance of the Law that we respect.  For this reason 3 branches were created to monitor and regulate each other... keeping Balance, Peace, and Prosperity for ALL citizens.
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College students set a great example for kids, or did the kids set a great example for the college students?
A gunman wounded three people on the campus of Florida State University early Thursday morning.
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Of the 400 people in the library, none were military types?  
In the Jr. High School events, it stands to reason that there wouldn't be many people involved with actual combat training; but in a college setting, it is a safe bet that there were a good number with the military training and experience to deal with such a situation with a quickness and efficiency that would astound the average campus security guard. But where were they?
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The American Industrial Revolution was so vast and powerful because it was the people who used the tools and toys that also invented them.
Made by the people. For the people.  
Made of Copper and Steel mined right here.  Made of fibers and and plastics synthesized, grown, and woven right here.
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They say never confuse Education with Intelligence.
Because all doctors have education, but intelligence is something that cannot simply be taught.
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Brian Prewett

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Our story begins with a group of cops; 4 main characters.  2 from small towns and 2 from big cities.

They meet at the wedding of their friends' friends.  Leaving only an elusive connection between them.  Each has the same sense of 

justice.  One works with computers in his small town, another with mechanics, the other 2 in S.W.A.T.

While drinking at the after party, one mentions that he wishes that someone could do some real justice; instead of this revolving 

nonsense that leaves dangerous criminals out on the street while minor offenders are forced to jail time.
They form a plan to help each other out with their cities' true trash.  Grabbing some pictures from the wedding, they prepare fake 

ID's for their first project.  Each begins to gather as much 'extra loot' as they can.  3 of them take a couple of months off.  They 

don't 'know' each other as far as anyone else is concerned.  They work through the city with their new identities.  They pose as drug 

dealers from other cities just getting away from the hustle and bustle of home.  They use the stash that they each had gathered in 

their police work, just like they planned at the wedding.  One doesn't gather it the same; he buys it from a local dealer in his city 

instead. (who later turns out to be a DEA agent who was undercover on some unrelated matter.)  Each sets up their own thing, without 

much contact with the others.

One night, they set up a guy perfectly by throwing a Slushie over the camera of his car; after having previously sold the 'target' a 

loaded gun (with a damaged firing pin).  Previously, the 'target' had robbed a kid with the pistol, and knocked him over the head with 

it instead of shooting him.  He left the drunken kid in the alley; alive, though unconscious in the snow.  He crawled through the snow 

in a daze from the alcohol and the concussion, passing out under some bushes in the corner of a yard.  He is found a few weeks later; 

in the mean time.  After having thrown the Slushie over the dash cam's view; the officer jumps out of his car and begins loudly 

yelling for the 'target' to drop the weapon(while his milkshake throwing buddy runs away), repeating the command loudly, so the 

'targets' words cannot be heard on the audio.  He empties his clip to be sure that justice is finally served; "There will be no more 

revolving trials for this one." he thought to himself.

During the next few weeks, the investigation shows the cop was just defending himself from a dangerous gun toteing felon; justified.  

Then comes the finding of the kid the 'target' had robbed.  The weapon on the 'target' was shown to match the wounds on the body and 

the cop is celebrated as a hero.  He takes a break from work and sets out to begin his own enterprise in the second city... just as 

they had planned.

The other small town cop bought a winning lottery ticket while he was setting up the first 'target', at the same time that he had 

purchased the Slushie.  He contacts the New Yorker to tell him the good news, they argue over it being evidence of their presence.  He 

suggests that they give the ticket to the one they were helping, and use the money to fund their little project.

So now the hero cop tells everyone that he bought the ticket before the killing, and was so upset that he forgot it was in his pocket 

for a few weeks.  He takes his extended leave of absence...

Later on, the DEA agent, that the hero cop buys his starting stash from, sees the video of the ticket and Slushie being purchased; 

while curiously looking for the Slushie thrower... it obviously was not the 'target' that had thrown it, but the reports didn't say 

anything about anyone else being at the scene, or running away...

The hero cop not being in the surveylance video that night, when and where he said he bought the ticket, plus the Slushie added up to 

more curiosity.  He shadows the hero cop on his next adventure to Chicago.

The hero cop takes 100 million out of the bank to 'put in a safe at home', he tells the banker.  With it, they form a corporation 

using their fake ID's, then make new and better ones, then hire themselves as employee's under their new identities.  In Chicago, they 

take advantage of a program to restore old buildings to start their separate bases of operations, as they did before.  A little 

bolder, and a lot more sure that their plan is working for the best.  They target the son of a well known mobster, knowing that it 

will draw out the mobster himself; hopeing that it will draw retaliation aimed at his son's executioner.

One, befriends the mobster's son and parties hard with him for a week, before making sure that the mobsters son is seen, by 

accidentally locking the door of the get-a-way car he is in (not driving), at the scene of a store robbery where he shoots the clerk 

with the clerk's own gun, after the clerk tried to stop the robbery by knifepoint.

The one who befriended him convinces him to let him 'get rid of the weapon' so that it can't be used as evidence.  No evidence, no 

crime; after all.
The hero cop had adjusted the camera so the view would be perfect for evidence of the armed robbery.  The Chicago cop is the closest 

officer, and first on the scene.  He has arrested the guy before; but he had gotten away clean twice before on fancy lawyer bullshit.

The driver of the car had stopped there for gas at the beginning of the week, and again... the hero cop had adjusted the security cams 

to be perfect for evidence.  Well planned.  

The final task was to draw out the mobster himself.  The one who befriended the mobster's son makes sure the kid is good and drunk, 

with lots of different drugs in his system from the week of solid partying.  As planned, he lets the Chicago cop know where they are; 

but forgets to stash the gun under the seat, as planned...

The Chicago cop rolls up(making sure to park sideways so his dash cam is just a microphone), requests backup; then rushes the vehicle, 

screaming for them not to move and to show their hands as loudly and continuously as he can(again to drown out any words the 'target' 

might say, just as before.); then opens fire, killing the mobster's kid.  Now he is a hero, for stopping an obviously dangerous 

criminal; in the eyes of the public.  The chief does not like ohw things turned out, the video shows only audio, the passenger of the 

vehicle got away while the Chicago cop 'administered first aid' to his 'target'.... actually he was giving him a final dose of dope to 

be sure that he was dead.  "No more revolving door for this one.", he thought to himself; confident that it was perfect.

But, when no gun was found on the body, or in the vehicle, things start to look shady.

The one who had befriended the mobster's son decides to plant the gun on the mobster's other son as an improvised improvement on the 

plan.  After planting it, and removing his own prints, he annonymously tips the Chicago cop... So Perfect!  The mobster's other son 

looks close enough to him, that the gun being found in his home will make it look like the other son was in the car during the 

robbery... and had run away during his brother's death.

The driver tells a different story than the evidence.  But the evidence is so perfectly stacked against the story... The trajectory of 

the wounds conflicts with the Chicago cop's story of the suspect 'reaching threateningly' for something under the seat.  He had to 

have been sitting back he was shot, not leaning forward for something under the seat.  And there were oddities in the toxicology 

report.  He was dead when a fatal dose had been injected into his blood, it didn't circulate.

Meanwhile, the hero cop and his shadow were whipping the mobster up into a frenzy by vilifying his son(s).  They didn't plan on the 

public getting so angry about the questionable execution, along with the mobster.

The Chicago cop takes some heat from the chief of police.  But after the brother is found dead with a needle in his arm... of the same 

drug that was in his brother's body; the chief knows he cannot release the full details of the toxicology reports or he will have a 

riot on his hands.

The mobster has his fingers in everyone's pies, he begins plotting and threatens the chief after finding out about the toxicology 

reports, through a bug planted in the chief's office.  The origin of the drug is traced back to the first city, due to a DEA signature 


Things really start to heat up when the head of the DEA begins wondering about the shadow's signature chemical showing up on the 2 


-To Be Continued-

--Brian Prewett
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Damn!  all that typing and I apparently spaced something wrong!  LOL
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Brian Prewett

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If you were a cop who saw a Suspect that had possibly robbed and shot a guy earlier in the week in a car with 3 other guys, would you wait for backup or approach the vehicle alone after it stopped?
Would you be so pumped on adrenaline and delusions, when you approached the car alone, that you would shoot at the first twitch?  Have to wait till tomorrow to find out if there was a gun in the car, or not... Might not even be the right guy.  
The 3 other people in the car tell a different story than the cop.
Richard Ramirez, 38, has been identified as the man who died in an officer-involved shooting Monday night, according to Billings Police Chief Rich St. John.
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No gun was found in the vehicle.
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