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With our Choice Plus options, we place healthy choices where they are easily seen. Contact us for a free demo and information.

Vending machines can offer juice, coffee, energy drinks, and more! Call Southern Refreshment today to find out what options we have.

The appeal of vending machines is being able to choose what you want when you want it. Contact us to learn more.

You can customize the items in your vending machines to cater to more health conscience employees. Call us to find out how.

POS systems ensure each cup of coffee is not too strong or too weak. We can help you pick your perfect cup.

Offering a wide range of vending options is a win-win for companies. Contact us to find ways to make your employees happy.

Companies who offer a wide range of vending machine options may see increased productivity from employees.

Gone are the days when a cup of coffee is simply a cup of coffee. Let us help you navigate through all your options.

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Taking the right snacks can actually give your employees a major productivity boost! Consider these choices when deciding which food to offer on your company’s vending machine
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