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Solarspezialist J.v.G. Thoma testet neu entwickeltes Modulkühlungssystem in der Praxis

Heißer Tipp: Bis zu 15 % Mehrertrag durch Modulkühlung sind möglich!!/show/81/jvg-thoma-testet-ein-neu-entwickeltes-modulkuehlungssystem/
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NSA Groups Surveillance Observation and Control Plan - To Take the Light Crude OIL and GAS around Curacao. My company "Curacao Caribbean & International Compliance Solution (CCICS)", has already started with the phases whic...
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Funny this is also the same way a vast majority of the EU thinks about the U.S.

By correspondent Wessel de Jong

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Nuland was embarrassed by a leaked phone call. In an interview with the U.S. ambassador in Kiev she criticizes the role of the EU in the crisis in Ukraine. "Fuck the EU," she says at one point.

In the discussion that has surfaced on YouTube, Victoria Nuland consult with the ambassador on a solution to the political crisis in Ukraine. Nuland says she hopes that opposition leader Jatsenjoek the new prime minister. For former boxing champion Vitali Klitsjko she sees no role in a new government. "I do not think that's a good idea."

It also appears that Nuland would like to see mediate in the crisis. UN chief Ban Ki-moon The current role of the EU, they seem to be little. Charmed at least "It would be great if the UN could glue things together, you know:. Fuck the EU."

After the leak of the conversation Nuland sought direct contact with several European relations and apologized, said a spokesman for the U.S. government in response.

It is not known who has put the recordings on the Internet, but the Americans think of Russia. It would be an attempt to torpedo. U.S. mediation efforts in Ukraine "This is a new low in the Russian espionage tactics," said the government spokesman.

With her ​​expletive Nuland expresses her frustration about the way the European Union, the crisis in Ukraine tackles. Nuland believes that the EU has responded to President Yanukovych, when he was at the last minute decided to cancel. A trade with Europe too soft That was the reason for all the protests, which still persist.

EU foreign envoy Ashton did not respond to the words of Nuland. We do not respond to phone calls leaked, a spokesman says.

Nuland himself does giggly about the issue and makes no secret of her blunder. Part of it, she says. Her partner, Ambassador Pyatt, tilt is not heavy. He has on social media posted a picture of how he stands with iPad in hand, laughing at the confidential phone that has been leaked.

Americans concerned may react airy, the White House sounds evil. This says something about how the Russians operate, said spokesman Jay Carney. Rarely, if ever, before the result of espionage immediately made. Publicized as

Most reactions in social media on the ruling Nuland fall under the heading: of his own medicine. The Americans were heavily criticized internationally because of their intelligence services were monitoring foreign leaders, including German Chancellor Merkel. Now America is a victim of such practices.
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The U.S. claims to know everything and thinks to have the right to interfere with every foreign trans-continental affair. Just look to the map and look where Europe is and on which side it is of the Atlantic.  

And if you want to know what the E.U. exactly is: it is the union of European countries where the U.S. inhabitants came from, with the first European transfers. Of course I won’t forget that the real native American is the Indian. 

Since this matter is on the European side, the  E.U. urges: “Americans mind your own business and stay on your side of the Atlantic. Somewhere between the Caribbean and Canada.
And that is what the EU thinks and wants, The E.U. wants problem solvers and not troublemakers. 
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Schöner Artikel von Energiebloggerin Cornelia Daniel Gruber zur organisierten Desinformation in der Diskussion um die nächste #EEG  Novelle...
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The Dutch team v.s. The U.S.A. team at the Olympics. Nice interview.
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Beautiful picture. 

I've climbed the Matterhorn from all sides. Once in the face rock or ice, every thing looks very different. But still it is one of the most beautiful mountains. 

I Wish I was there again for doing some great walls. 

Zermatt is a very beautiful environment, which was decades ago already electrified. This means that major, firefighters, police have normal cars, all other vehicles were already electric.
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What is the position of Aruba into this?

 They have gas and oil also. A Dutch law says that all oil and gas belongs to the State (Kingdom).

Look what happens in Groningen. Billions of cubic meters of gas was pumped out of the ground, causing earthquakes. And not a single penny went to Groningen. All profits ands up in the States treasury and some other pockets.
CURACAO RESOURCES FOUND AROUND THE ISLAND WHICH IS BEING CONTROLLED BY CARTELS, AND MAFIA’S FAMILIES. Laat Nederland maar eens komen Our King is friends with Venezuela because there is Light crude oil under our islands. Light crude oil can be found at the…
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R&D, Consultant, Project Manager, Energy, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy, Oil & Gas, Graduation Programm Mentor
Basic Information
Looking for
Graduated PE, Energy, Renewable & Sustainable Energy, Oil & Gas, Controls< Artificial Intelligence, Energy Management, Water Management.
I love:

I have done almost every high wall in the Alps and a little on the American continent. So I hope that some day I can write the highest peaks of the Andes, Rockies and Mount McKinley in the Yucon, behind my name.

Furthermore I do a lot of:

I keep myself occupied with: 
news analysis, Industrial Automation And Control, Industrial Process Control, Industrial And Commercial Power Systems, Instrumentation And Measurement, Electromagnetic Interference Control, Energy Development And Power Generation, Electromagnetic Compatibility, ATE Test And Measurement Systems, Adaptive Systems, Control Systems, Control And Power Conversion, Control Of Power Systems, Fuzzy Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks, 
System Design, 
System Engineering, 
Transformers Transmission And Distribution, 
Simulation Photovoltaic, 
Environmental Quality Environment
, Health, Safety Electrical Safety, Industry And General Petroleum And Chemical Industry Program, Project Management Quality Control Techniques
Intelligent Control Neural Network Application And Implementation Power & Energy
I am a member of:
IEEE Scientific Work Groups such as: 
Chairman and founder of the scientific work group: 
  • Spanish;
  • English;
  • Dutch;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Papiamento;
  • Portugues (learning);
I am not interested in postings concerning money, marketing, pictures, commercials, politics, lifestyle, animals, propaganda and disasters. 

So what is left over: energy matters, (renewable energy, sustainable energy, conventional energy, O&G), environment, water management (treatment, purification, reuse), academics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, mentoring graduating and post-graduate students, & God.

I don't accept postings from anonymous contacts. So all contacts need to have picture ID, and traceable address.

I reject impolite, rudeness, bullying, intimidation,  humiliation and imprudent behavior. Discussions are welcome if they are done according the general codes of conduct, e.g. as stated by the IEEE codes. Respect is number 1 together with zero-discrimination.  

No estoy interesado en publicaciones relacionadas con el dinero, marketing, fotografías, anuncios, política, estilo de vida, los animales, la propaganda y los desastres.

Así que lo que queda: las cuestiones de energía, (energía renovable, la energía sostenible, la energía convencional, O & G), medio ambiente, gestión del agua (tratamiento, depuración, reutilización), académicos, la termodinámica, la mecánica cuántica, la tutoría de graduarse y los estudiantes de posgrado, y Dios.

No acepto anuncios de contactos anónimos. Así que todos los contactos deben tener identificación con foto y dirección rastreable.

Rechazo de mala educación, grosería, la intimidación, la humillación y el comportamiento imprudente. Los debates son bienvenidos si se hacen de acuerdo a los códigos generales de conducta, por ejemplo, según lo indicado por los códigos de IEEE. El respeto es el número 1 junto con cero discriminación.

Eu não estou interessado em postagens Relativamente dinheiro, marketing, fotos, comerciais, política, estilo de vida, os animais, publicidade e desastres.

Então, o que é mais de esquerda: Assuntos de Energia, (energia renovável, energia sustentável, energia convencional, O & G), meio ambiente, gestão da água (purificação, tratamento, reutilização), acadêmicos, termodinâmica, mecânica quântica, orientação de graduação e pós-graduação, e Deus.

Eu não aceito postagens anônimas de contatos. Então, todos os contatos precisam ter identificação com foto e endereço de e rastreáveis.

Eu rejeito grosseiro, grosseria, bullying, intimidação, humilhação e comportamento imprudente. As discussões são bem-vindos, se feito de acordo Eles geralmente são os códigos de conduta, por exemplo, Como dito pelos códigos IEEE. Respeito é o número 1, juntamente com zero discriminação.

Ich bin nicht in Postings im Sachen wie Geld interessiert, Marketing, Bilder, Werbespots, Politik, Lifestyle, Tiere, Werbung und Katastrophen.

Also, was ist übrig: Energiesachen, (erneuerbare Energien, nachhaltige Energie, herkömmliche Energie, O & G), Umwelt, Wasser-Management (Aufbereitung, Reinigung, Wiederverwendung), Akademiker, Thermodynamik, Quantenmechanik, Mentoring Abschlussklasse und Post-Doktoranden, & Gott.

Ich werde keine Berichten vom anonymen Kontakten akzeptieren . So alle Kontakte müssen Lichtbildausweis und nachvollziehbare Adresse haben.

Ich lehne unhöflich, Grobheit, Mobbing, Demütigung und unvorsichtige Verhalten. Diskussionen sind willkommen, wenn es nach die allgemeinen Verhaltensregeln, so  z. B. durch die IEEE-Codes angegeben, verhalten werden. Respekt ist die Nummer 1 zusammen mit Null-Diskriminierung.
Bragging rights
Father of 6 kids and grandfather of 5 grand-kids. Have worked in: Norway, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switserland, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, UAE, US, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Lee Ward and Wind Ward Caribbean, Colombia, Dominican Republic.
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Netherlands, Austria, Colombia, Dutch Antilles, Dominican Republic - Austria - Colombia - Dominican Republic - Puerto Plata
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