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Lemon & Strawberries
Polish, Greek & Delicious!
Polish, Greek & Delicious!

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Tiramisu inspired birthday cake
  This month I'm celebrating not only a birthday of my special someone,
but also the first anniversary of Lemon & Strawberries! The time is
passing so fast, that it only occurred to me when I realized I'm posting
a birthday cake recipe and remembered tha...

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Greek meatballs & kritharaki (orzo) in tomato sauce
Past two weeks were extremely busy for me and I didn't even have time to eat properly! What a shame! Today I'm making it up and decided to cook these delicious meatballs, served with kritharaki pasta & tomato sauce. This dish is one of the best comfort food...

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Classic polish tomato soup
This tomato soup is one of my favorites. Why? Because it's very simple to make, delicious and perfect for colder days. It can be made with an addition of rice or noodles and I prefer the latter. The main taste comes from either fresh tomatoes or tomato past...

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It's Fat Thursday! You need to have them: polish pączki with marmalade.
Happy Fat Thursday everyone! It's one of my favorite polish holidays! It belongs to the tradition of celebrating Carnival and marks a beginning of the last week of that period. During that day we're eating huge amounts of sweets - because when the Lent star...

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Polish apple pie from my mom's cookbook - classic "szarlotka"
  I love apples! Well, who doesn't? This recipe for a delicious apple pie
comes from a family cookbook my mom wrote and gave me when I moved to
Greece - I mentioned it on another occasion - when I was making a brownie . Apple
pie (szarlotka) is a perfect...

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Greek bean soup (Fasolada)
  Lately it's pretty cold, even in Greece. Days like these I really enjoy food that warms you up! This bean soup (fasolada) is one of such dishes - hearty, spicy and perfect in the Winter. It's also pretty simple, just few ingredients, it doesn't need much ...

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The best herring salad ever! (Polish Christmas food #6)
As you might have noticed, we're eating a lot of fish on Christmas Eve in Poland - it's because traditionally we're not supposed to eat meat that day. And this is why we get pretty creative when it comes to fish based dishes! This salad is a perfect appetiz...

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Honeypie with walnuts (miodownik) - Polish Christmas food #5
This is my favourite Christmas cake - it smells and tastes like heaven -
honey & walnuts combination is simply amazing! It's made with two
or more layers of honey shortbread with semolina based cream and topped
with walnuts layer. This cake is another tr...

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Cabbage rolls with mushrooms & gravy - Polish Christmas food #4
Continuation of my Polish Christmas preparation! Today "gołąbki" - cabbage rolls! You might have tried traditional cabbage rolls (or made lazy version of them). Usually they're filled with rice, minced meat and onion. This particular type is a meatless vers...
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