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Pilar Lazzati
Happiness is the Key to Success!
Happiness is the Key to Success!

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2017 NEW YEAR RESOLUTION for your Work Life, Family Life & Home Life.

Take Time To Consider What Matters Most.
1. Take Care of Yourself.
2. Reconnect with Your Passion and Make this a Year of Gratitude.
3. Invest in Your Key Relationships.

What´s missing? Any Suggestions?

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Snapchat´s New Memories
Snapchat's new MEMORIES stores your snaps and stories for future viewing and sharing. "Snapchat said the Memories feature will roll out to users ‘selectively over the next month or so.’ Users will receive a chat from Team Snapchat when the feature is available for them to use." via Social Times.

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Congrats to Linkedin!
The surprise deal with Microsoft sees LinkedIn retaining its brand, culture and independence and Jeff Weiner remaining CEO of the company.

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5 Tips: Optimizing Your Site for Conversions

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Why SEO Is Just The Start for Digital Marketing

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Transforma tu PERFIL DE FACEBOOK EN UNA PÁGINA WEB con esta herramienta... muy interesante...
¿Quieres transformar tu perfil de Facebook en una web?   Esta herramienta nos lo pone fácil

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Best Global Brands 2015! Worth to take a look at it...
Best Global Brands: 2015. Who are you surprised by?

My first surprise is that tech companies seem to dominate. 15/14. Think of all the brands we touch every day. It is crazy these break-through. The other one, car companies. Almost all in the top forty! (Except, GM.)

It is also interesting that Pampers and UPS are there. FedEx is 86! I would have guessed exactly the opposite between UPS and FedEx.

Are you surprised at who showed up, and who did not?

What is your theory on the tech brands ranking so high?

Here are the bottom five, from 95-100, need to get them some recognition: Kleenex, Boss, Paypal, Mini, Moet & Chandon, Lenovo.

Full list:

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You can always try to make things better...
It is always challenging, but such fun, to take on an entire ecosystem's way of thinking and saying: "I think I have a better way to think about this."  But, someone's got to do it!

My new post shares three deeper insights related to my wonderfully profitable See-Think-Do-Care business framework.

You can read it here:

The three exciting, and really pretty sexy insights, are: 1. The idea of audience relationship platforms that accommodate for and react to intent. 2. The massively critical idea of Content AND Marketing AND Measurement. 3. This is a bonus, you are going to love it, check it out in the post.

With See-Think-Do-Care my audacious hope is to do nothing short of upend how marketing possibilities are thought about today (especially with See and Care). I would love to have you in my posse. Here's the post:

#rethinkmarketing #newideas #winlove
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