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If you would like me to circle you, please tell me why. I don't say that to be rude, but to make it easier on us both. Thanks!
If you would like me to circle you, please tell me why. I don't say that to be rude, but to make it easier on us both. Thanks!

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Truth in business and in life in general.

"I believe our greatest success in life is having the peace that comes when you “remember who you are and what you stand for” and live by it every day."

I think I'll have to try this with my fam in honor of Leonard Nimoy. What a riot! I've never heard of this variant on Rock, Paper, Scissors before. It's fun what you can learn on a random and unplanned wander through a new-to-you Wikipedia page. :)

This article is so powerful to me. I sit at my computer a report stuff to social media providers or block profiles or tell friends to do the same, but I'm never feel like it makes a lick of difference. These guys. They make a difference and I applaud them with every ounce of me!

Quote of power from the end of the article:

“The only thing that stands between evil taking over this world is good people who face their fears and take action,” says Mark. “People who do nothing allow evil to flourish. I can’t sit back and allow atrocities to happen. I’m not going to allow my fear to stop me from doing what is right.”

Hopefully one that can be avoided. It's always sad to me when budget cuts turn this direction.


My little man - age 8 - asked Santa only for one thing when he went to sit on his lap this year. He asked for snow. Guess what is falling outside my window right now? I love when something so simple falls into place so beautifully to bring such joy to a sweet kiddo!

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I really like this idea. Now to see if I can remember it long enough to make it useful in my life...
I'm going to try to remember this mnemonic every time I have to unlock my computer. 

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I love this! So many opportunities, we just have to keep our eyes open for them and then act.

"If there is someone in need of help, give it.  If you can make a difference for good, make it.  Look for the small things you can do.  Find them every day and take action."

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This so fits my feelings of life right now. Each day. New decisions. Small things each one, but together they frame who I'm becoming.

Plus, this door is stunning!
It has been said that the door of history turns on small hinges, and so do people’s lives. We are constantly making small decisions. The outcome determines the success or failure of our lives. That is why it is worthwhile to look ahead, to set a course, and at least be partly ready when the moment of decision comes. True finishers have the capacity to visualize their objective.

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"I once heard the story of a lawyer, the daughter of Supreme Court Justice Powell, who left her law profession to stay home with her firstborn. She said, "Anyone can take care of my clients. Only I can be the mother of this child." Her decision was easily made--not in terms of rights, but in terms of responsibility and love."
~Marjorie Hinckley
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