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Living on Porches
Living on Porches


In Quill, are you limited to only one ink word per paragraph?

Ye gods what a game!!!!!!

Is there a possibility of white box collected all in one tome?

Has anyone used Bivius Companion RPG? How do you go through combat with gadgets and/or other people? In groups? If someone or something loses is that put out of commission?

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Oh ye gods you KNOW I had to get this. Fourth time I buy this game!
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I heard of a solo storytelling game where you explore the galaxy in a ship.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I have a great starter but lack in making a good risen bread. Does anyone have the most basic of sourdough recipes? Something I can use to tweak and note for my specific environment?

I have a 12 hour proof. As usual I got scheduling problems. Can I put the final proof (in loaf pans) in the fridge to bake tomorrow morning?

Will estate or affect the rise?

Pondering diceless for play by post. Can LoGS or Amber be used in a more traditional fantasy campaign. In the power levels of D&D or other similar RPGs?

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Reading The Chronicles of Amber for the first time. Its like Travis McGee enters Castle Falkenstein.
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Anyone want to run a PbP (or even here) game of DD? I would like to get a feel of how the game works.

UPDATE: I could not resist any longer. I got a copy and would like to do a play by post, as a player- anyone interested in joining/ refereeing?
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