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Bought the Polaroid 7 Inch tablet from Kohl's on Black Friday. I must say I'm impressed by a $45 tablet and that's coming from someone who owned 3 Toshiba Thrive and Acer Iconia A500.

Anyway, it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be as a third tier tablet?

1. Support Micro SD (I have 16GB)
2. Got a very decent microphone. Yeah, tell that to the Acer Iconia A500
3. Android 2.3 - yes, really, I checked.
4. Tested a lot apps that I used normally on Android phones such as Skype voice chat, Evernote, WhatsApp, Google+, Youtbue, no issues. Skype quality is good for me.
5. Touch screen is not as great as the first tier tables like Thrive/Transformer/Iconia, but decent enough that I won't complaint about it.
6. Decent screen resolution.
7. Decent battery life. Used all night + a whole day, came back, still got power.

1. Running Android 2.3, but no Gmail nor GTalk. (Though their default email app is not bad either)

2. There is no Marketplace app as it only supports Amazon App store which requires credit card to sign up. (Snoooozzzze..... but I got around it. More on that later)

3. No flash support :(

4. No bluetooth :(

5. No camera :( but hey, for $45, what else do you want???

At the end, I had to move a bunch of .apk installation files manually from my Toshiba Thrive though the micro sd card and install the apps from there, but it's not a big deal. One time setup and it was done.

For me, it's a good solution if i only want to check some emails and browse some new sites while listening to some music or when I go to the bathroom and watch a movie or two :) Otherwise, I will use my Thrive to do more serious things like Skype Video chat, flash sites.

For $45, I think it's definitely worth it. However, at regular $119, I probably wouldn't have bothered.
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