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Anyone else using eclipse for mac OS unable to close the LogCat window? Also, I'm noticing it max out the CPU during this period. I've had to quit eclipse 7 or 8 times today. I can't even begin to describe how annoying this is. The Nya Nya Android icon is cute and all, but this makes eclipse almost unuseable. (Lion, Eclipse 3.6.2, Android Tools 14)
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I don't bother with logcat in eclipse and just run it natively in Terminal... I find that in eclipse even if it does work, it only does so for a short while and then craps out.
At this point it's opening itself. I'd leave it closed if I could.
oh... I'm pretty sure there's a way to get it to not open itself... but I don't know where to turn that off... I'll trade you... I'll figure out how to disable logcat if you can help me add the web tools (from the other eclipse version) into my J2EE version!
Yeah my log cat occasionally dies it is annoying... but the android plugin is in valuable to me.
Not seeing this in Eclipse 3.7.1. (using a Moto Droid 2)
Yeah, and for me it reopens in perspectives where I never had it open. Some very disappointing bugs in ADT 14 that are keeping me from doing work. I'll have to remember to test new ADT releases in a separate Eclipse install from my regular dev install.
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