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Danny Jacobs Looks to Defy the Odds Against Gennady Golovkin
The Battle at the Garden If you don't know who the knockout machine Gennady Golovkin or Triple G is by now, then you've obviously been living under a rock. The guy has been storming through the middle weight division like a tornado in a trailer park. His kn...

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Keith Thurman vs Danny Garcia: The Battle of Unbeaten Champions
This will be a fight that separates the top fighters in the 147 division. This is the biggest test Danny Garcia has faced since moving up to the welterweight division. Keith Thurman has answered every challenge put in front of him so far. That includes his ...

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Kanye West:
The Rant The fans who paid to see a Kanye West concert got short changed. He gave them something they didn't want to hear, but he gave them the truth. It wasn't the most clear or straightforward rant. He went off on the Illuminati and their handling of the ...

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Hopkins Was Dominated in Final Fight - GGG vs Danny Jacobs in March - Miguel Cotto Confirms Kirkland Bout
Bernard Hopkins Knocked Out of the Ring  Bernard Hopkins is without question one of the best boxers in boxing's glorious history, but at age 52 he looked terrible in his final fight. He'd been on a 2 year layoff and it showed very soon after the opening bel...

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The Balance of Power: The New World Order
Nuclear War - Lies and Deception  Several months ago Vladimir Putin open up to reporters on the subject of nuclear weapons. He was dissatisfied with the US for continuing to manufacture nuclear weapons. President Obama broke the agreement the two countries ...

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Fluoride: Poison on Tap
What is Fluoride?  Fluoride is a poison that they're putting in your drinking water. As the video above will show there have been fake experiments conducted to convince the public that there is nothing wrong with Fluoride. As the video will also show you......

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Donald Trump Will Not Pursue Charges Against Hillary Clinton
President Elect Donald Trump had chose not to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton. I'm sure that some Trump voters are upset that he's not going to investigate her, but with the state that the country is in right now, and how divided the country has beco...

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The Entitled and the Unworthy
The Places it all Begins I'm a somewhat laid back kind of person. I observe people and situations without inserting myself. I've picked up on a lot of things by being a listener. I've noticed the changes instead of just waking up one day and saying, "Wow......

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ANONYMOUS: New World Order
ANONYMOUS - New World Order Scheme EXPOSED With JFK WARNING Depopulation Agenda Documentary New World Order  We can only hope under Donald Trump as President that there will be more transparency of government. Hillary Clinton and the democrats wanted to bri...

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Ward Wins a Controversial Decision over Kovalev
In my last post leading up to the fight I predicted a decision for Ward. That's what the final result was, but I honestly think they got it wrong just as I did with my prediction.  As the fight started Kovalev was in total control. He easily won the first t...
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