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Probably going here for a feed soon!

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Chain checker's slotting in on the 0.5% mark. Time to replace or not? Gotten nearly 4000km out of it since last year, so not too bad I reckon. Probably go KMC instead of Shimano this time to see how it works out. Banal, I know.

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Black as night, sweet as sin.

Rainy uplift day at the weekend. So much fun like you would not believe! With +Paul Fletcher the slowest man up and down the hills and also the whinge-iest!

First non-DH crash of the year. Things are beginning to hurt, but at least I'm pushing it!

Saw the holy trinity of idiots come together to cause an accident today. Unobservant pedestrian crosses the road without looking, causing Chelsea Tractor driving idiot to brake suddenly, causing impatient idiot in a people carrier to clip her backside when coming through a 4 way junction.


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