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C.A.S.T. Away

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What are we about?
C.A.S.T. Away is a Men's Camping and Shooting Trip designed to let guys get out of the office, house, everyday turmoil and absorb the natural outdoors. Waaaay away from any kind of distraction. We focus on shooting our pistol, rifles and shotguns and the simpler things in life. We take the speed of life and put it in slow motion. Rough-in-it style of car camping miles away from the nearest highway or even paved road for that matter.
We show guys how to break free from the khaos of everyday to take a 4 day long weekend break from it all. Meanwhile showing great guys the strength of bonds between men of all ages and exchange stories of triumph and defeat. With an overall emphasis on Christ and the whole weekend devoted to how our lives can and have been changed by him. We celebrate what Christ means in our own lives.
If you like tactical shooting, sport shooting, clay shooting or rifle shooting, this is the time away that you have been needing!
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Great review on a stellar Pistol!
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GUN RANGE TIME! Thursday August 16th join us at the range for some pistol shooing fun! Well plan on sometime in the evening when the most people can make it out.
Comment if you plan on joining us or msg me if you have questions.
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Samsung Galaxy S3? Any thoughts? Ive watch a fair amount of reviews. Really like this phone so far. I want to know why I SHOULDN'T buy this phone. I really like that the phone is a large step up from my iPhone 3Gs. I might be able to let my wife the 3Gs when I upgrade if she wants.
App wise, I think android is getting close to polished.
The new GUI looks pretty sweet.
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