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Jamin Brown (Alexandre Saint Pierre)
Known in the SCA as Alexandre Saint Pierre
Known in the SCA as Alexandre Saint Pierre

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So Wednesday morning this was just a completed foundation wall...

3 days to build the walls, fly the trusses in and sheath the roof.

Next week they will heat the space so the floor that has been delayed so many times can be poured.

Bourbon Newbie seeking advice.

Looking for good sipping bourbons to drink straight. I tried Makers Mark as my first bottle, and really enjoyed it. Maker's 46 was good too, but I think I like the milder flavor of regular better.

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Tyger of the East for Duchess Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon. It was an honor to be asked to create this.

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Order of the Brooch scroll for my lady, Adrienne d'Evreus (+Adrienne Brown). Congratulations love! 

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Congratulations Mistress +Aneleda Falconbridge!

It was a huge amount of fun to collaborate with Master Lucien (+Myra Hope Eskridge), Mistress Aildreda (+Molly Eskridge) and my apprentice sister, Doña +Camille des Jardins.

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My most recently completed assignment, given out at EK Twelfth Night this past weekend. Vivat to Dreda, and best of luck preparing over the next month! Working with +Myra Hope Eskridge on the words was amazing.

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A holiday gift idea for any serious calligraphers in your life. Waters' book focuses on the skills needed to really improve the appearance of your calligraphy; both in shaping letters, and in layout. For students of Medieval calligraphy, consider buying the bundle that includes "Historical Scripts" by Stan Knight.

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I've spoken to many people who are intimidated by calligraphy. They want to try it out, but are put off by the special equipment, new vocabulary, and different techniques.

"Calligraphy: A Course in Hand Lettering" by Maryanne Grebenstein is written for the new calligrapher with no experience. When used as intended, it allows a new calligrapher to start quickly and get feedback on how well they are doing.

If you or someone you know is just getting started in this art, and don't have any experienced calligraphers nearby to provide teaching and feedback, this book might help.

Note that you will need a 2mm wide calligraphy pen and tracing vellum to use this book as intended.

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It's been a while since I finished an instructional post. This is one on how to make a calligrapher's writing slope on the cheap.

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This is a Tyger's Cub done for the son of a man who has since become a friend. The calligraphy is mine, and the stunning illumination is my wife's, +Adrienne Brown. It's her fourth official assignment.
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