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Dear Friends of Hellenic History and not only,
The “Lemnos’ Friends of ANZAC” Association established on 2014 and based in Lemnos island. Its main goals are:
 To highlight the role of Lemnos in the WW1 and especially in the Gallipoli Campaign (1915)
 To promote this historical event of Gallipoli Campaign as the starting point of the Greek modern history
 To promote the continuity of antiquity data from the historical island of Lemnos, who never have taken the actual position and recognition in the history of our country.
 A deeper knowledge, dissemination and promotion of the historical role and contribution of ANZAC and its members at the several paths of Hellenic modern history (A and B World War) and the progress of this role in our modern life.
 The relationship developed with all countries participating in the Gallipoli campaign (United Kingdom, Canada, France, Turkey, Russia, India, Egypt, USA and of course Australia and New Zealand) and the cultural impact of those on Limnos and the  whole Greece, as well.
 To conduct the centenary of the Signing of the Armistice of Moudros (1918-2018), with the necessary brilliance in Moudros, and to highlight the contribution of Greece in World War I.
The Association is working very close with the Greek State. Most of the events that we have created are under the auspices of HE The President of the Hellenic Democracy, Mr Prokopios Pavlopoulos and many of the Greek ministries (the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Maritime Affair and Insular policy, as well as “The Greek Tourism Organization”(EOT), the Ministry of Hellenic Rural Development and Food, the Ministry of Development-General Secretariat for Research and Technology, the North Aegean Region ). The role that our Association plays in the Greek State, is historical, educational and cultural as well as creating a new way of development for the country.
     We would like to invite all of you to participate in the national plan that we are working. We have plan for the next 3 years as first stage (2016-2018), a great list of events, all around the world and in Greece as well. We ll be more than happy to explain to you what exactly we do and why your assistance is so important.
We strongly believe that we are working on a project that gives to our country, a good push in this tough times that we are going through. A geopolitical and historical list of events are waiting for you, to be part of these.
With best regards
For the Lemnos ‘Friends of ANZAC” Association -
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