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I need a social network site that manages all of my social networking sites. Can we get one of those? Oh. That already exists. Wonderful

"Hummus Balls" someone thought I was talking about animals testicles. What is our country of culinary ignorance coming to?

Got dressed and began to head out the door to run an errand ... then realized I don't have my Jeep. Womp Womp

"Thats not the pot calling the kettle black. Thats just the kettle smoking pot."

Really Google+, you're complimenting me on my posts?

Liberty seems to be crashing more than I'd like it to. Then when it's not crashing it's locking up the phone. Unfortunate, because I was starting to like it quite a bit. Going back to Rooted GB OTA for now. Will experiment with Liberty when I have more free time.

Is running Liberty Rom V 0.8 with Gingercomb Juiced theme. Pretty rad. Don't know if I'll keep it though.

Starting the morning out with prayer and coffee. Gonna need both today. 

Still has yet to unpack from #SWBC11. Why? Because unpacking means laundry. I hate laundry! So I'm living through my suitcase trying to find clothes that are "good enough" to wear again or that didn't get worn in Ft. Worth. So glad I'm single right now

That post took me over 10 minutes to figure out.
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