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Mike Cyr (Ithaca DWI Lawyer)
"Effort creates opportunity"
"Effort creates opportunity"


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Ithaca and NEW YORK People: Brand NEW SEALING law passed in NY for old criminal convictions! Read on.
BRAND NEW New York SEALING LAW MAY ALLOW OLD FELONY AND MISDEMEANOR CONVICTIONS TO BE SEALED! In case you couldn't tell from the font and image--this is HUGE NEWS!   Up until now New York barely allowed any kind of sealing of old crimes and does offer any k...

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Ithaca Defense Lawyers: Ithaca Students know the law when it comes to Alcohol/Drug Overdosing in NY
BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES  Ithaca College and Cornell Students: Know the Law when it comes to Drug/Alcohol Overdosing Important Info for all New York students and their Parents In our law practice, we deal with many people who are dealing with substance abuse...

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Watkins Glen Ithaca DWI lawyer: New York DWI consequences for South Carolina license
Ithaca DWI Attorney: SOUTH CAROLINA LICENSE CONSEQUENCES WITH A NEW YORK DWI We get tons of phone calls from all over the country asking us "what will happen to me in my home state (not NY) after I got my New York DWI?"   Bearing in mind that we are not lic...

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BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES: Ithaca College and Cornell students be aware of OUT-OF-STATE license consequences with a NY DWI
BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES:  Ithaca and Cornell students should be aware of OUT-OF-STATE license consequences with a  DWI in New York Getting a DWI in Ithaca, NY Most people that come to college or grad school in Ithaca, New York understand that there are signif...

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BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES: Ithaca College Cornell Students - Don't get CAUGHT with Drugs in a Room in NY
Ithaca College and Cornell Students - Don't get CAUGHT with Drugs in a Room in New York! It's that time of year again and the students are almost back with us in Ithaca.  At Newman & Cyr, we felt it was important to do a BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES to give our in...

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Ithaca Corning DWI lawyer: LAW UPDATE--Court of Appeals upholds DMV regulations denying relicensing in NY
LAW UPDATE MAY 2017: New York Court of Appeals (the State's highest court) upholds the 2012 DMV regulations allowing them to take away your  license FOREVER. Hello all, I'm back to blogging.  It's been a busy few months, but this legal update was too import...

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Ithaca DWAI Drug lawyer: Elements of DWAI Drug driving defense in NY
ELEMENTS OF DEFENDING A DWAI DRUGS CASE IN NEW YORK VTL 1192.4 DWAI Drugs cases in New York are no joke.  These types of cases present unique challenges that must be dealt with appropriately from start to finish.  In NY, the police can use blood or urine to...

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Ithaca Watkins Glen DWI lawyer: SCARY TRUTH -You're not entitled to Police Report until AFTER Cop Testifies in NY!
SCARY TRUTH:  You're NOT entitled to get your Police Report until after the Officer testifies in NY... (for real)! This issue shocked me when I first started practicing in NY.   I'm a licensed attorney in Massachusetts, Maine, and New York.   Both Mass and ...

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Ithaca Seneca Falls DWI lawyer: ADVANTAGES of DMV Refusal Hearing --Getting Evidence Early in NY!
ADVANTAGES OF DMV REFUSAL HEARING IN NEW YORK (PART 4): GETTING EVIDENCE EARLY! This is part four of my blog series on the Advantages of the DMV Refusal Hearing in a DWI Refusal case in New York...   Today, we're going to talk about getting evidence early i...
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