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Stunning indeed
Stunning  sunrise shot of Hvitserkur, Iceland taken on March 7, 2014
by the photographer Eddie Lluisma

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Amen to that

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Too Cool

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i don't regret my past, I just regret the time, I have wasted with the wrong people.

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Powerful Pic
Impresionante imagen del Cristo de Corcovado
Con esta espectacular foto os deseo una feliz semana. ^_*

El Cristo Redentor o Cristo de Corcovado es una las Nuevas Siete Maravillas del Mundo Moderno y se ubica en Río de Janeiro, Brasil. En concreto en la cima del monte Corcovado. Este monte tiene 710 metros de altura y en su cúspide la hermosa estatua de 30 metros de alto. 

No es la primera vez que publico una foto de tan imponente lugar, pero si la primera rodeada de nubes. Aunque pueda parecer algo extraordinario en realidad es habitual la concentración de nubes en la cima por lo que conviene ser previsor si subimos hasta la cumbre y queremos tener buenas vistas de los alrededores.

Si te gusta viajar y conocer lugares maravillosos no debes de visitar:

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Foto de Andreas Kunz

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This cat just learned that trying to get what you want will sometimes bite you in the ass...
Animated Photo

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All my troubles are behind me...
Fort Pierce, FL

After witnessing an awesome light show during sunrise from the far edge of the inlet here I made my way back to the beach to see what I else I could find. The way the light was glistening off the tips of the waves is what caught my eye here.

As far as processing goes...I was messing around a bit with the JPG out of the camera but couldn't do much to the sky without really bad artifacts so in came the RAW file to the rescue. They are big but they have so much more to work with!

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