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I am riding! Please support a great cause and my ride, even 5$ will change a life forever.  @AIDSLifeCycle #HIV   #AIDS   #aidslifecycle   #aidsawareness  

I'm Riding to End AIDS

I will be participating in this year’s AIDS LifeCycle as a rider for Team Mary and I’m hoping you’ll support my ride and help me, in any way you can, reach my goal of $5,000. 

The AIDS LifeCycle is a fully supported 545 mile, 7-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It is a life changing event that not only touches those who ride, but also those who are living with HIV/AIDS and whose lives are improved by donations like yours. 

For me, I am reminded every day why I chose to ride. I ride for my friends who were lost to HIV/AIDS and for my friends who live and struggle with it every day. I also ride for those who I do not know, whose lives have been taken away by this disease, for those who live in its pain. But I also ride knowing that there is hope, that it doesn't have to be this way and that my ride, along with your donations, bring immediate and positive change, today. 

Do you remember someone you have lost, or think of that person you know who struggles with HIV or AIDS?  Chances are you know someone, or know someone who knows someone. That is how widespread this still is.  It is in every community regardless of race, age group, religion, ethnicity, or color. Now think of today, that you can be part of the story that helps change all of this.

Your donation to my AIDS LifeCycle ride will go directly to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center to help improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS, and will provide services to help reduce the risk of new infections. Together we can make a difference today in the lives of those who are living with HIV/AIDS and bring a brighter future for all. Your donation goes directly to those who need it the most. 

Today your donation will make a difference. Today your donation will improve lives, maybe of someone you know. 

I will be riding the 545 miles for the first time this year and I hope you will join me by donating to my ride. Together we will help make HIV/AIDS a thing of the past.

Thank you.

Bret Allan, Team Mary

See your donation in action:

LAGLC - Your Donations at Work
SFAF - Your Donations at Work

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So quiche!

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The turkey in all its glory, beginners luck as it came out delicious and tender! Nom nom nom...  #thanksgiving   #turkey   #turkeyday  

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Time to travel , g'nite y'all 

#camping   #fourthofjuly   #saturday   #electronic   #music  

Did I just do a 45 minute run this morning after last night's festivities? Thanks champagne #SNL   #champagne  

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Getting my groove on cleaning up the house, post Pride - 4th mess, well worth it :)

#happy4thofjuly   #pride2013   #electronic  

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Giuseppe Verdi, Requiem, 80 piece SF orchestra, Southern Pacific Brewery ,life is dandy#sanfrancisco #orchestra #sf #sunday #gay

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Lady Rizo performed in San Francisco last night, here is a little taste of what you missed (clip from another venue). Not only is she a chanteuse (no, not a shade of green), a comedienne, songwriter, glam performer!

I definitely recommend, it was an epic performance! 

#diva   #memorialday   #glam   #chanteuse   #comedienne   #sanfrancisco  

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Visiting my parents, lazy and on the couch :)
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