I explored Communities of Inquiry but I think I've come to the realisation that I'm mixing up terms and definitions that are relevant in the academic and educational context with the workplace/corporate learning and development environment.  I call them "Guided Social Learning Experiences" aligned with Jane Hart's definition because they make more sense to situations of workplace learning - and less "academic speak". I think what surprised me this week was that I immediately thought of how CoI can be used in a business sense and discounted how the L&D teams could help here.  I think the reason is that in my experience, I have been helping L&D teams with the concept of adding "social" and the connectivist aspect to their training.  Their focus is still on "content' and less on "people learning from each other, with each other" so part of me doesn't believe (sadly) that they are ready to act as "teachers" in Communities of Inquiry until they too have experienced what it's like to be and learn socially.  
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