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Flying high and crashing down to earth, oh @FLOTUS why couldn't you have just stopped at...

"Because let's be very clear: Strong men — men who are truly role models — don't need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful. People who are truly strong lift others up. People who are truly powerful bring others together"

Up until that point my heart was soaring and then it was brought crashing down to tawdry reality. A speech that could have stood alone as a "beacon in the darkness", that now only appears to be a party political attempt to push Hilary forward and stop Donald.

You set up a thought that in the future things could be better for everybody and then dirtied it with the grubbiness of our current reality. Everything that was said before now fades into the background.

Perhaps the folly of reaching too far. Icarus would no doubt commiserate with you.

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A Life Digital

Top Trumps: David Blaine vs Kanye West . Which stat would you choose?

Did Donald Trump say this?

"Nothing has to be true, but everything has to sound like it was."

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I too like the hand I've been dealt.

I've got more posts in my Google+ feed today than The Verge has made posts and received comments. Is The Verge dead?

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What if the Ara modular concept was expanded beyond phones?

A processor module with a small bit of storage.

• Plug it into a phone.
• Or into a display with a keyboard connected.
• Or a dock/keyboard connected to a display.

And the user interface adapts to the capabilities of the display.

Or perhaps a modular remote control.

•  Want a remote where the whole display is a touch screen.
•  Or perhaps the top half is a touch screen and the bottom has physical controls.
• Plug in an IR module or perhaps a Bluetooth/Thread/Zigbee module.

Or a wall mounted panel for controlling your connected home.

• Plug in a physical slider for lighting levels / audio volume.
• Add in the same Thread module used in the remote or a Zigbee module.

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Google Opinion Rewards needs an option in its surveys which says "I don't buy anything from bricks and mortar stores unless I can help it. Stop asking me if I've gone to a shop just because I was driving past it at the time. The answer's almost certainly going to be NO!"
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