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© "Cocktail of desires" by Jolly Roger (UA), 2013-2016.


01 - Jolly Roger (UA) - Bring that jazz back!!!
02 - Jolly Roger (UA) - Looking at the shining gloss on windows of skyscrapers
03 - Jolly Roger (UA) - 1983
04 - Jolly Roger (UA) - It was illusion only... (the pain of love)
05 - Jolly Roger (UA) - Warm summer night
06 - Jolly Roger (UA) - Hide-and-sick with the witch (keep your secret well)
07 - Jolly Roger (UA) - The Story of old indian shaman
08 - Jolly Roger (UA) - Cocktail of desires (get down with me)
09 - Jolly Roger (UA) - Solar Eclipse
10 - Jolly Roger (UA) - Panic
11 - Jolly Roger (UA) - Long-awaited sun after the incessant rain

Full version is here

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© "Regressive hypnosis" by Jolly Roger (UA), 2011-2016.
My new drum & bass album.
Listen & enjoy, if you can :-D
Thank you. Peace ya'll.

Full version

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© "Wild DJungle" by Jolly Roger (UA), 2016

This is preview mixdown to my album

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"Cocktail of wishes" by Jolly Roger (UA), 2015.
Two tracks by me in different versions, arrangement & styles.

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Hip-Hop/Funk/Jazz/Breaks/Blues album #2 by Jolly Roger (UA)
© Jolly Roger (UA) "Icebreaker", 2011-2012.
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