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The 'white space' character, hexadecimal value 0x20, cannot be included in a name.
Introduction I want to convert Json
file to xml file. Many code available on internet you can applied easily and It
is working fine. but sometime we got an error.  "The ' '
character, hexadecimal value 0x20, cannot be included in a name." Solution Sol 1- js...

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Alternate Row Color in Repeater in
In this article I will explain how to change alternate row color of Repeater on aspx page . There is no need to manage your own variable. this has the benefit of being completely based in your UI code.  Code:    just paste my code in ItemTemplate and it sho...

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How to compare two datatable using Linq in
Compare two datatable having same
datatype column using LINQ Query . This article is used to get different
records from datatable1 compared with datatable2 using LINQ Query.  This
mismatched record get from another datatable.  Query var record1 = datatable1...

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How to use paging in DataList
In this article I am going to explain
about how to implement paging in DataList control. DataList displays multiple data itemps where you can supply templates for each
item to display data fields in any way to choose. As with GridView, you can
select, sort ...

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Select first half record from table in SQL server
In SQL Server, the SELECT TOP clause is used to specify the
number of records to return. It can be very useful on large tables with thousands of
records. You can use the TOP clause to limit the number of rows that are
returned in the result set. It’s return...

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Full description of Joins 

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Welcome at dotnethearts..... keep posting Ravi...

Interview question in Java
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