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IRONIE: Snowden wegen Spionage anklagen nachdem er allen erzählt hat, dass sie von der NSA ausspioniert wurden.
IRONY:  Charging Snowden with spying for telling everyone that they are being spied on by the NSA.

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Okay, this is a little bit funny. #owned  

Enjoying Techwebcast with Yifat Cohen, the G+ go to gal, and Brad Techwebcast, Jody & team!

So that's the Google Plus master plan? Make it compulsory for everyone with a Gmail account to create a G+? In fact, let's not let them access their email until they've created an account. I'll bet there's lots of people on-boarding this month. Ho hum..

Looking forward to seeing where this goes Guy!

Thanks Saul for the chat today. Was great to discuss what we're doing and give you an idea of what's happening in our future. Sorry you couldn't hear me properly, my Microphone was still being used by another window of G+! But I got it worked out ok and jumped back in. Look forward to chatting again soon. +Saul Fleischman

I will be hitting Palo Alto for a capital raising visit mid to late May. Putting together a schedule of appointments at present, message me if you'd like to be on it.

We're doing some fantastic work on the video chat and broadcast engine of

Checking out #zarfo

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