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Roofs in urban areas are often packed with units, duct-work and other equipment in a small area. This combined with sensitive equipment inside created a challenging situation for one of our reroofing projects.

We not only had to deal with the removal and replacement of a congested roof, but the roof also had water ponding issues, sensitive electronic equipment inside the building, and wiring below the deck.

We chose a Carlisle Fleeceback EPDM system on a coverboard over tapered insulation for this project. The insulation, coverboard and membrane were all adhered using Fast-100 adhesive. By choosing this system and installation method, we addressed all of the potential challenges of this job: the tapered insulation would help alleviate ponding; the coverboard would help the roof withstand roof traffic to the units and equipment; and the Fast-100 adhesive would eliminate fasteners. In addition, the Fast-100 also does not have an odor, also eliminating the problem of the units drawing in the odor of bonding adhesive.

With all the obstructions, the process was slow and difficult. But by coordinating the daily work area with the Owner, and with our skilled team's attention to details and nightly tie-ins, we were able to execute and successfully complete the project.

Our goals of choosing the right roof to fit the building and the Owner’s needs, as well as providing a quality installation, were achieved. We met our high standards of excellence, and the Owner expressed his satisfaction.
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M. Gottfried, Inc. has just completed a reroofing and metal roof restoration project on an office building in Westport, CT.
The flat roof portion was reroofed using tapered insulation and a Fully Adhered Carlisle EPDM roofing system. The tapered insulation eliminated the water ponding issues of the previous roof. The insulation also increased the roofing systems insulating value.

The metal roof came down very low on the flat roof. This lack of membrane flashing height caused ice dam issues and leaks in the winter time. To correct this issue we cut the bottom of the metal roof panels to allow for more membrane flashing height, then detailed the joint of the membrane roof and metal roof to prevent water back-ups.

The Owner is also planning on installing a solar panel system on the metal roof. Accordingly, to help preserve and extend the life of the metal roof, we applied an Astec multi-layer coating system to the metal roof.
Our roofing and coating work is now complete and the Owner is ready to move on to the next phase of his remodeling project.
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M. Gottfried, Inc. is currently working on reroofing an office building in the south end of Stamford, CT.

The building has two levels of penthouses and a main roof level. There was only one roof existing on the building previously, and the owner’s consultant specified a “go-over” reroof using a Fully Adhered GAF reinforced white TPO roofing system.

Because of the location of the building and its height, the consultant specified a dense fastener pattern. This pattern and having an adhered system will enable the roof to withstand the wind and weather conditions for this waterfront building.

The roof will receive a 20-year no dollar limit manufacturer’s warranty from the manufacturer.

The project is on schedule and the finished areas are clean, neat and solid. What a nice upgrade from the previous old and deteriorated roof! Having a properly designed and installed roof that suits the Owner’s needs is always our goal.
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