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The phrase “steep learning curve” to describe a difficult-to-master skill is mathematical nonsense.
The phrase “steep learning curve” to describe a difficult-to-master skill is mathematical nonsense.

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Some thoughts on synthetic phonics based methods for the teaching of reading

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A new blog post on maths teaching

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As the austerity agenda continues to bite hard working families and individuals on the arse, it's grest to know that some of us are more in this together than others. 

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A rather disturbing account of police officers overstepping the mark. 

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Anyone with any interest in kids' reading should have a look at this latest blog post from former Children's Laureate Michael Rosen. 

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As the happy owner of a new pup, this issue of Les's blog resonated strongly. 

So, The Guardian is reporting that G+ still doesn't appear to be taking the fight to Facebook & Twitter.
I was always quite strongly of the view that G+ could survive happily as a kind of middle way between the Big 2, but now it would seem that other social networks are making a bigger splash in the inbetween space.

Clearly Google have put a huge amount into the redesign of the mobile apps and all of the noises from Google HQ are sounding very committed to G+ being a core part of the company's strategy.

What would you do to sort these numbers?

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If you read just one article about the future of the NHS, please make it this one. I'd encourage you to share, tweet, FB this; as a country we seem to have been rather quiet about the whole topic. 

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Thanks to +Kee Hinckley for sharing this little gem from @Roger Sherman on law enforcement in a world that seems to be slowly losing both its marbles and a sense of perspective. 
Holy shit - this is very literally a case of police using a taser to torture a pregnant woman who wasn't doing anything except refusing to sign a speeding ticket.

This country is lost.

Via +Bob O`Bob

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Mirror, mirror on the wall...
This is terrific!
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