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Wildflower Hike
We are all about nature study these days, getting outside, and enjoying whatever weather presents itself.  I am refusing to let any drizzle stop us either! We went for a wildflower hike with some other homeschool friends of ours and had a marvelous walk alo...

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A Stop by the Pacific
After our adventure in the Redwoods , we had to stop for a moment on the Oregon Coast.  Sailing into Oregon, the first thing you see, of course, is a recreational marijuana place with a large and proud sign that reads "WEED."  Yeah, welcome to Oregon.  Keep...

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Knitting and Reading in May
I thought I would pop on and share with you guys, Ginny , and Nicole what has been on my needles and what has been on my nightstand. I am currently reading a few things, but mostly I am have been reaching for Catherine Levison's book More Charlotte Mason Ed...

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The Redwoods
We are extremely lucky to live only a few hours from one of the most unique places on our planet.  The Redwoods are an amazing thing to behold.  Practically mythical, it is a lush and beautiful journey to walk through these trees that reach straight to heav...

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Homeschooling Rocks!
Last Friday we took an adventure to the Crater Rock Museum.  It was a great trip and the kids have been very inspired lately because they actually got a chance to bring some cool specimens home. They gave us a tour of the workshop and then afterwords we got...

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Homeschooling Manifesto
I originally posted this on my old blog a few weeks ago.  But it seemed like it belonged here.  It needed to be in this new place, with this new path.  I edited it some, because the thoughts expressed in the original have slowly metamorphosed into even more...

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Ben's First Communion
I love First Communion.  I love these young, bright faces, a little scared and little excited about to take part at the Table.  They have been waiting for so long to be able to take communion, to receive Jesus, and finally that day comes!   Ben was so sweet...

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Embrace the Opportunities
The morning had started out terribly.  I admit, I nearly gave up that morning.  I was tired and frustrated and nothing seemed to go right.  And then, we were blessed to be invited on a Nature Hike with some very dear friends of ours. It was the perfect day ...

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The Day I Kept Saying Yes
When I was seriously thinking about fully embracing radical unschooling, I decided to take a day and just say YES.  I had been playing with it for a few weeks.  Saying yes more and thinking it wasn't so bad.  We have always tried to give our children a reas...

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The other day I was reading about deschooling.  It is the idea that we all need to let go of the concept of learning that was programmed into us while we spent time in the educational system.  It is a time to decompress and rediscover our natural curiosity....
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