Sony has put its 2011 user base into a dilemna. What are they going to achieve by this is difficult to fathom. One thing for sure is that they have succesfully inserted doubts into peoples minds w.r.t
1. Android in general
2. Particular to ICS 3

First they tell us the users the methodology of sony's internal working(!!!!) related to the upgrades. This itself is an indication about what the users should expect for future upgrades on future phones. With every android version, google is improving the memory management. Sony told that xperia x10 mini series cant run 2.3. What do we see now, All the budget phones running 2.3 are of the same or lesser hardware capability. Sony escaped here since there was no commitment from sony. This time around, they saw the code run on the nexus s and thought that it would run fantastic on their 2011 phones. As they started to customize ICS they observed that google put some statndards in place to see to it that the UI appears similar on a variety of devices. Now, this was a difficult nut to crack. So, they come out and tell how difficult it is to port newer versions of android.

The difficulty sony is facing is owing to
1. Crappy apps filled to the brim. If they stop installing this crap, We users would be grateful to them. Sony's phones always come at a premium owing to the brand. Thereby we as users "demand" that sony honor our premium pay and stop installing crap. I am very clear that nobody uses the crap sony is bundling. Let sony conduct a user survery right here to negate me on this point.
2. Customize android to make it their own. Now, sony, pls stop this. You have a good vanilla os tried and tested by google. Just give us the plain vanilla android. Leave the cusomization to the users. They know what is best for them. And if you dont know the customization apps on the market, you can use any user again, right here. I dont have to tell you that the closer your are to the vanilla version, the easier you can upgrade the devices. So, give me vanilla with just the extra drivers for your hardware, thats it.
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