All Dell streak users/lovers here is a whiff of fresh air for your device. Though dell left its customers high and dry, Developers at xda and streakmod have managed to put 2.3.7(cyanogenmod + MIUI) onto the streak 5". Can u imagine, a device which debuted with 1.6 is now running 2.3.7. How many devices can boast about this. All the credit goes to the numerous developers who are still passionate about their devices. And many thanx to all the users who try out these great mods. This particualr mod in question is awesome. It is in black and red and themable. So, you have a near infinite look for your streak.

I only had two issues with this spin

1. The dialpad numbers are tiny compared to their background tiles
2. google talk is not playing nice. It force closes. After installing a packge developed speicifically for a GB ROM on streak, I get smudgy vidoe and then a crash.

Except these issues, I am elated at the kind of response my device is giving me with all the applications. Thanx to tenorntex and all the devs and users at streakmod.
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