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Russell Beattie
Technologist, pontificator, troublemaker, hardcore Liberal, malcontent and dad...
Technologist, pontificator, troublemaker, hardcore Liberal, malcontent and dad...
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"But eventually, Google is wanna give you an ad and have you log in to Google+, that social network we love to hate."


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Why isn't the summary coming up? Grrr... There's an Open Graph summary right in the top of the page. And at least one other one that I think G+ likes as well. This worked at one point, I know it  did.

OH! Derp - I just scrolled down and noticed summaries don't appear on any posts now.

Time for my quarterly visit to Google+ . Just added some suggested users to my circles and will be manually posting a link to my blog soon as well. Then I'll scroll through some posts for a bit, marveling at how nice it all looks, but then shake my head at how trapped all that data is, how it still doesn't have a decent client API or feed and marvel at how un-friendly it is to the Web as a whole. Then I'll shudder, close the tab and try to forget about it until I come back in the Spring. 

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My talk at AWS re:Invent. "Tips You Should Know Before Distributing Your HTML5 Web App on Mobile"

Code: is nice, but I prefer It's a little longer, but oh so much nicer.

Hooray. Google+ finally added vanity URLs. Didn't take long at all... Can I get a feed of posts yet?

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I've been looking for this watch for years - only I didn't know what it was called until today! I won it in third grade and have fond memories...
My latest quest: the Bandai Monkey Business LCD Game Watch from 1981.  I had one as a kid until the local bully beat me up and took it.  I think it was marketed/branded by Casio here in the States.

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My latest blog post... 

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Hey - I've started looking for full-time work again, so please ping me if you know of something. Here's my resume: (Feel free to share!)

Lots of new "features" to turn OFF in Google+ settings ("awesome" photos?). Sadly, they still didn't fix the shitty URLs... 
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