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I ade a appt for a designer on 8/3 for 10 am 8/10. Got a call at 9:42 on 8/10 that they were "shorthanded " and needed to reschedule. Really......18 min. Before the appt that was set up a week earlier, you find out you are"shorthanded"! Let me think about this🙄, maybe I can make the appt for next year so I don't surprise you. 52 weeks should be enough time yah think?
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I think the original owner of Orv's is rolling over in his grave! I bought 2 Pepperoni supreme 12 pizzas this week and I have 2 things to say to Orv's execs. 1: Spend more money on you pizzas and less on misleading your customers with graphics on you pretty trucks. 2: I took pictures of one of the pizzas I bought and again, my pizza looks nothing like your picture on your website. Wanna compare pics?
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Food has always been good since 2003, But personality of some of the new owners/so called managers/same as stadium view in green bay sucks! keep in mind this is not titletown, it is Little Chute! Too many good places that don't give you more attitude than you deserve!
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The same police chief who get's his facts incorrect after the shooting of Michael Funk now has the say as to wether, after going under psychiatric examination these HEATHENS should be allowed to kill again and then laugh louder next time. Shame on all of you! BURN IN HELL, ALL OF YOU INVOLVED!!!!!!!!
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This a general review of Pizza Hut. I want to order food to be delivered. : Where are the prices on their webpage? : I go to the "local" site and it is run by Yelp or Menuism. Evidently Yum brands doesn't need the money! PISS'** ME off every time I try to order on-line. YUM. "KISS", KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! You aren't the only restaurant looking for my money
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