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Did you know Kish Island is one of the best places for starting a new company .
Also every year many events were held at Kish expo center
Kish island, a state of permanent peace, in Persian Gulf
writing about kish island is not very easy! there are too many informative websites online about it and I just don't wanna be another copy cat in the cloud! but the pearl of Persian Gulf is not easy to avoid to write about too! Kish coast and sea sides are ...
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Exhibition and events marketing tips

As a leading exhibition stand contractor we certainly know a thing or two about exhibiting and we want to share that knowledge to help you maximize your exhibiting experience.

This section of our site offers advice, tips, articles, case studies and infographics, all of which are aimed at helping you get the most out of your exhibiting experience. However, you need to buy into exhibiting in the first place and choose the right event for you.

Exhibitions are the most effective face-to-face communication tool in the marketing mix. Exhibitions bring together suppliers, buyers, purchase influencers, consultants and the media, and provide a platform to launch new products, generate media coverage, build brand awareness, generate leads and retain existing customers. Visitors have taken the time and effort to attend the exhibition, so they are all serious prospects. Before making a commitment to exhibit, make sure you have set specific objectives for what you want to achieve.
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