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One thing about me is I am never brief. But I will try.
One thing about me is I am never brief. But I will try.


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Do you find chick flicks annoying? So many people think that these romantic comedies are all that women really want to watch, even though we all have varied tastes and like different types of movies. In fact, some of us don't like chick flicks at all. I never watch them, and I'm not alone in disliking the genre. Here's why chick flicks and their stereotypes can be annoying …

Chick flicks are full of the most annoying stereotypes that don't represent today's women. They make women out to be ditzy, incapable twits who need a man to do everything for them and make their lives complete. The male characters don't always come off too well either, with the likes of 'Guy who won't commit but is irresistible' and 'friend who's too shy to tell her how he feels but is really the man she's meant to be with'.
Another problem with chick flicks is that they're also full of clichés. They depend on there being a happy ending where the heroine finds true love, but with many mishaps along the way. It's basically the same story told over and over again, and it's boring. I want to see something different!
Chick flicks also make assumptions about women's tastes. They assume that all of us like 'girly' things, and that we only think about romance and need a man to make our lives complete. There are plenty of females who are not the least bit interested in the things women are supposed to be into, and who would much rather see a fun action flick, a horror movie, or indeed anything but a romantic comedy!
Another annoying thing about these movies is that they don't show just how varied women are. We have different characters, interests and ambitions. Not all of us are obsessed with finding the perfect man. But that is the whole point of chick flicks; to reinforce the message that we need a man to make us happy.
Chick flicks act as if nothing is more important than attracting a man and looking the right way. Again and again, the tomboy is given a makeover and blossoms into a swan, and the career woman discovers that being a mom and homemaker is more important. These movies don't promote choices and doing what is right for you, but make out that appearance and romance are everything.
You see the same story over and over again in these movies. The lack of variety is tedious to see. Of course, it's not just chick flicks that are guilty of this - Hollywood does enjoy recycling ideas! - but it's particularly common with this genre. There really aren't that many new ideas in chick flicks.
Another issue for me is that chick flicks just aren't representative of women in the 21st century. We have options that older generations didn't have, and not all women are interested in finding a partner. It's just one of the things that we can have in our lives, and not always the most important.

Do you agree with me, or do you find chick flicks fun to watch? Are there any that you think are the better examples of the genre?
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Sit ups, crunches, bicycles, reverse crunches and a countless list of abdominal exercises are the go-to for most exercisers in pursuit of flat abs. But after several months of exercises and no change in their midsection, people are left feeling doomed to have loose abs. Is it time to give up? Heck no! Then what is the way to achieve a sculpted midsection? Well, why not break out of tradition and perform other exercises that will help you to get the abs of your dreams?!

I love the 21-day fix workouts because trainer Autumn brings you both an advanced and modified version, making this program literally for everyone. This program also offers you a coach to help you to achieve your goals daily. I loved this program so much that I became a coach and have helped countless lives achieve flat abs through this simple eating and exercise plan. Definite life changer!

When you think plank, you picture your body on your forearms, in pushup position, not on your back. But to switch up your routine, check out the reverse plank in this video and work your core.

Combine some core and plyometrics with this really great workout that targets your midsection. If you are doing the endless array of abdominal exercises but not combatting belly fat, you should definitely try this. Target your trouble zone and get in your best shape!

Ten minutes of jumping rope and working your body will help you to work your total body, lower your body fat and work your abdominal muscles. Sometimes the things we think will work, like exercises for abs that have us lying down, are not working because we really need to get up and move.

Break away from the abdominal workouts, squats and pushups and work your core with Cize, Shaun T’s next video. I just tried this workout for the first time and as a beachbody coach, I have to say it is one of their best programs. Move over Zumba because this workout just may be your new favorite!

When you think of the targeted muscles of running, you probably just think of legs but that body in motion is like a continual plyometric workout. So running does target your core to help lean down your middle and get you in your best shape!

Sometimes to get to the next stage of results, all you need to do is bump up your workouts, try a new workout and get a little more intense. With cardio, resistance and only short breaks, you are sure to see super results and finish your workout covered in sweat!

So now that you realize that lying down on the ground and performing crunches in not the answer to your 6 pack dreams, get focused and perform these great workouts!
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You’ve probably dreamed of having a runner’s body at some point in your life. Whatever the reason though—an injury, location, lack of desire, or otherwise—you never really got into running. But just because you aren’t a runner doesn’t mean you can’t have a runner’s body! Check out these simple yet effective ways to get a runner’s body without running a single mile.

Running, as you know, is a form of cardio. In order to get a runner’s body though, your cardio doesn’t necessarily have to be running. Biking, rowing, swimming, and other cardio workouts will help you burn off tons of fat. Melting off the fat is the first step in earning a lean runner’s body!
Twelve and fifteen-minute workouts are really convenient for busy women like yourself, but those quick bursts of cardio won’t help you attain the type of body you desire. Runners, unless they’re sprinters, exercise for long periods of time, running several miles every time they hit the track. Even if you aren’t running, make sure your moderate-intensity cardio lasts about an hour or more for that extended period of fat-burning fun!
You’ve probably seen athletes carrying around gallons of water to nourish their bodies throughout the day to recover from or prepare for an event later. Well, if you want bodies like theirs, you have to drink tons of water, too! Drinking a gallon a day will suppress hunger, increase your metabolism, and hydrate your cells. You’ll have a runner’s body much faster if you drink as much water as they do!
Everything tastes better at midnight, doesn’t it? But you’ll have to sacrifice those late-night treats if you really want to lean out. Going to bed slightly hungry increases your chances of getting your dream body!
Having a runner’s body doesn’t just mean looking skinny; it also means having some gorgeous leg muscles! Without running a single mile, you can get defined, toned legs that are absolutely to die for! Some of the best workouts are wide-leg squats to target your hamstrings and single-leg raises for your calves.
If you enjoy running, but your body can’t handle too much running at once, try a combination of workouts. And believe it or not, running and walking together can help you get a runner’s body, too! Start off by running for two minutes, walking for one minute, and alternating until you’ve run for thirty minutes or longer. Once that becomes too easy, you can run for three or four minutes and walk for one. By following this simple method, you’ll be amazed by how much your body and stamina transform.
Who wouldn’t love a runner’s belly? They’re flat, fit, and fabulous! But how can you smooth out your stomach without running? Pretty easily actually! By cutting out processed foods and sugary snacks, you’ll drastically decrease your belly fat. As you change your diet, begin incorporating ab exercises into your daily routine so that once the fat has all melted away, you’ll have a nice set of abs waiting for you!

So you see, runners aren’t the only ones deserving of that lean, gorgeous body type! You can look like them too if you follow these simple steps. How else do you recommend getting a runner’s body—without running a single mile?
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So so true. I may have room in my drawer for my new socks if I got rid of the poor singles.
Lonely Socks
I have to address a serious subject because no one else seems to be handling it, and this is important.
You know, we hear a lot about co-dependency, unhealthy relationships, and he’s-just-not-that-into-you. So when is it time for a single sock in the drawer to just get it—that her long lost mate is just never going to come back?
When is it time for her to just move on and find another sock? And why can’t more single white socks just pair up with perfectly compatible single black socks without raising eyebrows in this enlightened era?
And, what I’m most concerned about: why doesn’t someone start a for all those single socks?

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Lightening Up The Spiritual Path

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Wanna know something cool? Those precious hours of beauty sleep we get can be a multi-tasker for styling our hair too! Now, you may have already known this, but for me it’s revolutionary knowledge I’m just now stumbling into! I don’t have a lot of time in the mornings to style my hair, so I like to keep it simple. If you’re like me, keep reading to learn the ways you can wear your hair while you sleep and shorten styling time in the AM!

This is probably a more common way to wear your hair while you sleep, but it does serve a purpose! You will wake up with volume and lots of bounce, simply by wearing your hair in a high ponytail while you snooze. You’ll also avoid tangles and frizz that can occur in the night. Use a scrunchie or a soft tie to keep from leaving a dent in your hair.

Do you crave beachy waves with little to no effort on your part? All you need to do is create a braid or two with slightly damp hair before bed. I like to apply a saltwater spray for texture as well. In the morning, finger comb through the waves, add some dry shampoo for volume, and enjoy your carefree ‘do!

The words “Argan oil” may change your life! Even if you have oily or healthy hair, you’ll still reap benefits from this amazing leave-in treatment! Apply the oil to the ends of your hair and wrap your hair in a silk scarf before going to sleep. You’ll wake with sleek, smooth, and frizz-free hair that has lovely shine!

To achieve curls without using heat, you can rely on your grandma’s method! All you need is an old t-shirt, cut into long strips. After applying some gel or curling serum to damp hair, roll small pieces of hair around the rag up to your scalp and tie the ends together. You will wake up to curls that will last all day and have all your friends jealous!

It’s essential that you never go to bed with wet hair. This will create more work for you in the morning since you’ll have a mess to style, but your hair is also more prone to damage while wet. Rolling around on your pillow with wet hair creates friction, and that’s never good for wet hair. So take the extra 15 minutes and blow-dry, you’ll be glad you did!

If you’d like something that is in between curly and wavy, how about body with a little texture and bend to it? All you need to do is mist your damp hair with a saltwater spray and then slip on a stretchy headband. You’ll begin by grabbing a section in the front, lifting it up, and looping it back toward your face. Tuck it into the headband. Continue all the way around your head, and in the morning, behold the glory!

For amazing and luscious volume and sleekness, wash and blow out your hair as normal. After you’ve finished, gather all your hair into a loose bun as high as you can manage it. By creating a bun, you’ll keep the ends perfectly styled and sleek. With any luck, you won’t even need to touch up in the AM!

Every woman wants the perfect hair and what more fantastic way to achieve it than while you sleep? Talk about easy-peasy lemon-squeezy! Do you ever style your hair while you sleep or do you prefer to just wear it down and face the music in the morning? I’d love to hear your way of doing things!
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Hello fellow bloggers! And a hello to the bookworms and book reviewers too! I will try not to make this too long but i could use some help. It will be good for the bloggers. So to start I had a very successful award winning blog in 2013 through 2014. I have medical problems that flare up and it was bad and I was not able to continue my blog and lost touch with my author friends in the fall of 2014. I am trying to get it back up and running.

8ut in the meantime, I am working as a publicist for a best selling author and speaker. Before we became close I had been contacted by a group to read her book for a review. So understand i am not biased when i say It was the best book I read of 2014. I just recently read it again. I discovered so many new things. I will probably read it again. It is being made into a movie.

What I would like is to hear from bloggers here who would like to get a free copy of the ebook in exchange for a review. We can also maybe do a giveaway and Felicia can do an interview or guest post. You can respond here or feel free to email me at I hope to hear from as many bloggers as I can! This is really a not to be missed book.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I have a wonderful book that is like no other book I have ever read before. I have read it twice. The name of the book is "Her" by Felicia Johnson. It is a fiction based on fact story about a girl with Borderline Personality Disorder who tries to kill herself snd nearly succeeds. She is placed at Bent Creek where she starts a long and hard journey to deal with her past and struggles to understand BPD. This is the best book I read of 2014. I hope you all get a chance to read it. If you are a blogger, please reach out to me I may be able to get you a free ebook in exchange for,a review. HAPPY READING!!

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Don't seek VALIDATION from others, hell that's not called CONFIDENCE that's call LOW SELF-ESTEEM.
#MyWcws💋 #ValidationIsForParking😉
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